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Zogby's Latest: Shocker, Propaganda or Hard Truth?

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A lot of folks are chattering about a fresh poll from Zogby, in which 52% of the respondents were favorable to an attack on Iran. I've seen other numbers in other polls, some with support for an attack in the low 20s. Obviously, an attack is a stupid idea neither the nation nor the military can really afford, and would have all sorts of horrible consequences; there is also no real threat from Iran, unless by threat you mean "brown not-xtians making lots of money selling oil."

My own theory on this number is pretty simple. Polls are general not worthy of my attention, because they don't reflect the thinking of the policy makers, who obviously don't care about being popular. There's also that whole idea that, well, many of the polls we read are just plain not scientific, in the sense that calling a bunch of old people on their landline phones, because that's who is home during the day, doesn't reflect the population in general. But if it is a "real" reflection of American popular will, I suspect that those gung-ho for a little bombing the brown furriners are so because they are hurting, financially and otherwise, and American politicians aren't offering any solutions or succor. America has a long history of killing other people in faraway lands to make itself feel better, and there are days when I wonder if that isn't, in truth, the core motivation for those who most loudly support such an attack.

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