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Zephry Teachout before the Ulster County Democratic Club

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Democratic gubernatorial candidate Zephyr Teachout addresses an Ulster County Democratic Women’s gathering Tuesday evening in Kingston:

Speaking Tuesday evening to about 35 people at an Ulster County Democratic Women’s gathering in Kingston, Teachout said Cuomo has failed to take a stand on a number of issues, such as hydraulic fracturing, and has been misleading about others, like medical marijuana. ...
...Teachout said Cuomo also interfered with the state Department of Environmental Conservation’s study of the natural gas drilling method known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. She said Cuomo has not developed the political will to either come out in favor of fracking or ban it.

“He has had years to study what the health effects are of fracking,” she said.

“He doesn’t talk about these difficult questions very much,” Teachout said. “I’ll tell you what I’m worried about, and I’d be happy to have him rebut me: I’m worried that after this election is over, if he wins, he’ll have a demonstration [fracking] project in the Southern Tier. He’ll say something that is very classic Cuomo, like ‘the moratorium is still in place, but we’re having a demonstration project.’”

There are large shale deposits in Ulster County. This is the Catskills, a farming and tourist community. Now that fracking's threat to the water supply is understood, fracking is a very hot issue in the Catskills. So I hope that Teachout is scoring some points here.

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