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Yves says: Go vote at for single payer and against corporate personhood


Also, per Lambert Strether, is running a poll on “ideas for change in America”. He points out, correctly, that single payer is on the list (as in, if you want to remind Team Obama that they blew it, this is one way to quickly register your unhappiness). The other one on the list I am keen about is “Move to Amend: Constitutional Rights for People, Not for Corporations – Abolish Corporate Personhood”. Vote here.

Do it, please! Only the top 10 make it to the next round, and currently, single payer is in 11th place.

It might be the only way the words "single payer" get uttered in this White House!

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haven't dropped by your place since the primaries.


Also too, I had to vote for revoking corporate personhood.



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We're still the same civil fun-loving crowd!

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single payer is still running behind *legal rights for animals*, and waaaaay behind legalizing pot.

Definite skew to the voting demographic. Im guessing... poll heavily advertised on Myspace?