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Yves asks a very good question

Why is There No Political Outlet for Anger on the Left These Days?

Why not head over there and help Yves answer the question?

NOTE Back in 2007, I wrote Sixteen Ways of Not Being Angry or Hateful (which, in turn, was an update of a 2005 post). Remarkably, or not, none of the perps listed have been held accountable for anything, and the continuities between 2007 and 2010 are far more apparent than the differences.

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(Thanks for defending me over at Yves....)

Do you think bringiton still feels the same way as he did in this comment to the link you posted:

(Bringiton...are you there? Do you still feel this strongly?)

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to hell with lambert. he's unsexy and old and poor and doesn't throw posh Village parties. still, he knows a good blog post when he reads one, and of comments even better there. go check it out. right about now, it'll seem like a foreign universe to most blog readers. wow! no comment mentioned Palin and birthed a subthread! that's like, internets majik, right about now.

NoCap's comments are better than Corrente's right now, or at least on that thread. let's change that, bright thinkers.

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well with what we're all trying to suss out: How in hell do we get leftist populism going again? How do we get our government to represent us and our needs, interests? Gee, almost sounds like how do we take back our country?

Oops, that Tea Party has taken that line -- which should have been used by Dems against banksters and MOTU's, but that would have required programs which actually help the people and don't cater to the banksters and MOTU's....

Reyne, at FDL, thinks we can do it by starting at the micro level. We should attend local Dem Party meetings, get involved, and take over so there's a leftist grass roots and our ideas can bubble up. She talked about local and county committees which have empty seats and would offer a way in to the political arena. We can have a hand in naming county Dem Party officials, state Dem Party officials. Then, get to the national party level with people selected by lefties.

Long slog, hard work, damaged name brand....

Is the Dem Party usable as the scaffolding for a Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party party (the DWDP or DWODP)?

Can this party be saved?

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... and Reyne also thinks that MoveOn isn't top down. That's bizarre.

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stating that "I" was the ONLY candidate to sign on for their "anti-corruption" pledge, and had a "vote" for edorsement..guess what? The war-supporting D got the nudge! I'm shocked, shocked, i tell you to find gambling....oh well...

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I would venture to say, a promoter of Israeli political ventures. (I'm saying that in a nice way). Many people have commented upon her high-handed and prejudiced "moderator' actions. She has an agenda, and it's telegraphed.

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In 2008, Ron Paul held a National Press Club conference at which Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin , Green Party nominee Cynthia McKinney, and Independent candidate Ralph Nader all agreed on four principles—quickly ending the Iraq war, protecting privacy and civil liberties, stopping increases in the national debt, and investigating the Federal Reserve—and on their opposition to the Democratic and Republican parties ignoring these issues.

It is very interesting that “fringe” parties agree on many reasonable policies while the so-called mainstream parties conversely agree on perpetual war, corporate domination, and perks for the few. The Dems are just the wimpy wing of the GOP.