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Crunch day of work here but have to drop at least a road flare to encourage everybody to go read "What's In Your Burger?" Sorry it's the Atlanta paper so there may be registration but this is not to be missed.

Did you know there was a movie version of "Fast Food Nation" coming out? This week? This could/should be the "Fahrenheit 9/11" of this year. Looks like everything we've been harping about on Food Politics issues is gonna be here. Some snippets (this is in interview format):

So some good has happened since the book's publication. Still, in the paperback's afterward you note that the Bush administration has pushed some things in the meatpacking industry dangerously backward.

Eric Schlosser: The meatpacking industry owns and operates the United States Department of Agriculture.

The biggest meatpacking company is Tyson, and the head of the American Meat Institute is the chairman of Tyson. The chief of staff at the USDA is the former chief lobbyist for the National Cattle and Beef Association. These big institutions work completely in concert with one another.

If you just look at where the money goes, McDonald's gives 80-something percent of its political donations to the Republican Party. The meatpacking industry gives the same. The restaurant industry gives 90 percent. And they are particularly in league with the right wing of the Republican Party. They appeal to its core issues. The fast-food industry does not want the minimum wage increased. It's that simple.

Yup, this is a Big Picture picture. The odds of it playing anywhere in West Tennessee strike me as kinda slim, so if anybody sees a hot copy on a streetcorner, lemme know.

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