If you have "no place to go," come here!

You're probably already doing these things...

... but if you're not, a top-to-bottom guide to saving money around your house.

Of course, these guys are at the level where cutting out Starbucks coffee and giving up bottled water are still "on the table" as it were.

Your thoughts?

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Yeah, not so useful for the perpetually cheap and boring people like me. I have to say, though, that $3,465 a YEAR for a FAMILY for food at home seems extraordinarily low. (I see then that they calculate that each person spends $2,600+ $400 for alcohol a year for eating out, too.)

All of these numbers seem out of whack economically, ecologically, and nutritionally. Our cheap food policy (and the subsidies for trash food commodities, rather than nutrition), plus the reality of food deserts, plus the fact of increasing economic stratification make this all add up to an extremely sad picture.

(And, DUH on the no sodas, for all of the above reasons. Srsly?)