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Your MEDICARE FOR ALL assignment for Wed, Feb 17 -- Picket HCAN! Co-opt HCAN! Get arrested!

Using online tools much like OFA's, HCAN has set up about 70 rallies around the country, imploring Congress to "finish health care right". Urk. There's even one where HCANers will join another group for the final mile of a 135-mile march from Philadelphia to Washington DC. If you're nearby, why not stage your own MEDICARE FOR ALL counter-rally?

Of the 70 rallies, I found only two others that seem to be actually associated with a congresscritter in any way, shape, or form:

100 letters are going to be delivered to Claire McCaskill's office in Springfield MO, asking her to support using reconciliation to improve the bill it has already passed. If you're in the neighborhood, why not deliver a quick note asking her to support reconciliation to pass MEDICARE FOR ALL?

Jason Rosenbaum will be hosting an event with Senator Al Franken in Minneapolis MN. This strikes me as an excellent place to bring up MEDICARE FOR ALL, either by marching outside the event with signs, or by attending the event and working MEDICARE FOR ALL into the conversation, even if you have to become disorderly and shout it out, thus possibly requiring the good Senator to call for more police to arrest you.

Speaking of getting arrested, there's a MEDICARE FOR ALL group in Rochester NY that is actually planning to get arrested while picketing a Blue Cross office.

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Submitted by hipparchia on

he WORKS for an astroturf operation! what else is hcan, really?

although i think i remember reading in comments somewhere at fdl that he's going to unemployed soon.