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There will be “multiple Republicans” in the administration,” Podesta said. “You’ll see them spread throughout the administration.”

And not, presumably, because they've burrowed in, but because they've actually been asked to stay.

I wonder how many will be torturers? Oh, wait...

All of 'em. The Village is like Murder on the Orient Express: They all did it. Or at least until we get criminal prosecutions -- or at the very least a Truth and Reconciliation Commission -- that's the simplest explanation that fits the facts -- the key fact being the resolute unwillingness of the Democrat Party to investigate the matter.

NOTE Actually, I guess, not quite all of 'em; not Bruce Fein, for example. What I wonder how many of these Republicans will be "Honest Conservatives", in Perlstein's "Class of" formulation, the ones who left early, and how many will be the opportunistic ones who joined the Obama bandwagon in the Class of 2007 or even 2008? I'm betting the latter, but it would be nice if somebody kept a tally...

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