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You know you're in trouble when the only sensible policy alternatives come from the Yes Men

Democracy Now:

Earlier this week, members of the activist group spoke at the Homeland Security Congress posing as U.S. government officials.

This is a member of The Yes Men who identified himself as Benedict Waterman, undersecretary of policy implementation at the U.S. Department of Energy.

BENEDICT WATERMAN: Thank you very much. It’s a great pleasure to be here and an honor to be making this announcement here. On behalf of the Department of Energy, I’m very excited to announce today a great new plan. It’s beginning a process that will do nothing less than convert the United States’ energy grid into one that’s powered entirely by renewable sources. We’re going to do it in only slightly more time than it took to win World War II.

American Renewable Clean-Energy Network, AmeriCAN, is part of President Obama’s Climate Change Action Plan. It will put ownership of energy production directly in the hands of small companies, local entities and entrepreneurs like yourselves. The U.S. currently generates around 10 percent of our energy from renewable sources, placing us 113th in the world. By 2030, America will produce 100 percent of our energy from renewables, establishing us once again as a beacon of innovation and progress and as a global leader in confronting the supreme challenge of climate change.

Crazy talk!

It's not just we're ruled by thieves. It's that we're ruled by assholes: kakistocracy.

kak·is·toc·ra·cy noun \ˌkakə̇ˈstäkrəsē\ Definition of KAKISTOCRACY: government by the worst men. Origin of KAKISTOCRACY Greek kakistos (superlative of kakos bad) + English -cracy — more at cack.


cack intransitive verb \ˈkak, -ä-\ Definition of CACK: 1. dialectal : to discharge excrement; 2 dialectal : vomit. Origin of CACK Middle English cakken, from Latin cacare; akin to Greek kakkan to void excrement, Middle Irish cacc dung, and perhaps to Greek kakos bad
First Known Use: 15th century.

And of course kaka.

Not serious, of course. OK, a little serious. As Pope wrote:

A place there is, betwixt earth, air and seas,
Where from Ambrosia, Jove retires for ease.
There in his seat two spacious Vents appear,
On this he sits, to that he leans his ear,
There hears the various vows of fond mankind,
Some beg an eastern, some a western wind:
All vain petitions, sent by winds on high,
With reams abundant this abode supply;
Amus'd he reads, and then returns the bills
Sign'd with that Ichor which from Gods distills.
In office here fair Cloacina stands,
And ministers to Jove with purest hands;
Forth from the heap she pick'd her vot'ry's pray'r,
And plac'd it next him, a distinction rare!
Oft, as he fish'd her nether realms for wit,
The Goddess favour'd him, and favours yet.
Renew'd by ordure's sympathetic force,
As oil'd with magic juices for the course,
Vig'rous he rises; from th' effluvia strong
Imbibes new life, and scours and stinks along,
Re-passes L_…t, vindicates the race,
Nor heeds the brown dishonours of his face.

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...I did indeed catch that remarkable performance.
The *Yes Men* have understood a very important feature of human vulnerabilities; the arrogance of belief...