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Consumer Stress Continues to Rise While DC Goes into “Mission Enough Accomplished” Mode
The officialdom has moved on to a new form of theater, namely legislative mud wrestling, which serves as a useful distraction from the failure to deliver on what ought to have been the first order of business, namely reining in the financiers. As we’ve said repeatedly, cleaning up the banking system is a necessary precursor for recovery from a serious financial crisis. Instead, whether by dumb luck or design, enough Americans have become fixated with various forms of jealousy over advantages they believe their neighbors have (whether accurate or not) that it is providing a great smokescreen for the oligarchs to continue their looting.

Divide and conquer occupies a place of honor in the elite playbook for good reason.

The fact that the economy has moved up up from a serious trough is hailed as a recovery. But to the vast majority of Americans, the talk of better times rings hollow. The top echelons are back to spending smartly, and Wall Street bonuses for 2009 and 2010 were lavish.

Well, they did their jobs (their jobs being strategic hate management), so why shouldn't their bonuses be lavish? Abd I think Yves means the headline as snark, but I think it's the literal truth. Check out this chart; that's the result of a lot of hard work by Big Money and its enablers. It took thirty years for these guys to get America flat on its back, and that was indeed "Mission Accomplished." Now they can really start the kicking and stomping. It's what they enjoy.

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Set the lower classes against each other so that they will be so busy squabbling among themselves that they won't think to come after the rich or interfere with their looting, this kind of distraction is the very essence of how class warfare is waged.