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You Don’t Believe We’re On the Eve of Destruction?

US, Europe, Israel, Saudi Arabia have worked so hard together to bring us to the brink of WWIII.

Ukraine is where the US helped stage a coup that left violent neo-Nazis running a puppet government.

Obama and his administration were FURIOUS over losing their power grab for Black Sea control. They and the Kiev government are willing to have Russian Ukrainians in the east massively slaughtered and to create a humanitarian crisis for the survivors as collective punishment, ethnic cleansing and to provoke a military reaction from Russia.

A nuclear-armed Russia.

Are they friggin’ out of their minds???


They are also out of their “hearts”. There is no serious respect for human life in the halls of these governments, this “axis of evil.”

There is a genocide happening in eastern Ukraine as well as in Gaza.

There are over a million people in Ukraine, mostly working class people, who are under a terrible siege at the moment. According to Bill Van Auken in “Gaza, Ukraine and US preparations for urban warfare” Nazis from other countries such as Sweden Italy, France, Canada, Greece are rushing to Ukraine to join the civil war against the citizens opposing the neo-Nazi coup government of Kiev.

US and Kiev are fine with such hate group extremists joining their fight. "The enemy of our enemy is our friend," after all. Look how well that has worked out in the past. Can you spell O-S-A-M-A?

Death squads and war atrocities are part of ends justify the means US foreign policy. The extermination, wounding, displacement of millions are no biggie to the US government's ambitious and amoral pro-corporate profiteering geo-political agenda.

Let’s face it -- US sponsored war and genocide are happening in Ukraine, Syria and Gaza.

There is no moral compass used by the US in its foreign policy. Obama has declared that the US is “exceptional” and clearly gets to ignore international law, Geneva Conventions, basic human decency.

In the past month the Israeli military has been demolishing, liquidating, annihilating, exterminating, eradicating, eliminating, massacring, slaughtering, ethnically cleansing (choose the appropriate and aptly connotative words) -- and with US governmental political, economic and weaponry support -- as much of the entrapped Gaza population as possible.

Over 2000 Palestinians are now dead. Over 10,000 have been wounded. Over half a million have been displaced.

An estimated 80% of the Palestinians killed were civilians.



Netanyahu lied about Hamas being responsible for the deaths of three Israeli teens as a pretext to “mow the grass” as the vile expression goes, to commit as much ethnic cleansing in this round as he possibly could get away with, which is a lot considering that an amoral US is enabling him in such an operation once again.

The US taxpayers are forced every year to pay Israel an insane $3.1 billion.

The US has a law, the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, in which the US is forbidden to aid any nation violating international law.

US politicians want and need “Jewish bribe money” (as Joachim Hagopian bluntly puts it in “Gaza, Ukraine: The War Drums are Sounding the Alarm”) and are willing to ignore overwhelming evidence of genocide to get re-elected. The level of such amorality is off the charts.

The Hollywood establishment is now blacklisting outspoken critics of the Israeli slaughter war on Gaza.

The litmus test for conscience vs. Good Germanhood to full-throttle fascistic thuggery and oppression is becoming clearer and clearer.

Jewish Americans, many, are so enmeshed in the Israeli/Zionist matrix, they refuse to open their hearts to the massive and merciless carnage in Gaza or ridiculously attribute it entirely to the actions of Hamas. Such ferocious denial, rationalization and/or minimization is telling of a profound and long-sustained collective guilt and cultivated racism toward Palestinians.

Is Netanyahu stoking “anti-semitism” globally deliberately by committing crimes against humanity some currently ask? Israel has become an internationally hated, pariah state. Does Netanyahu want anti-semitism to flourish to create more immigration of Jewish people to Israel?

Noam Chomsky points out that Latin American countries have been brave enough to take a stand against Israel. Brazil, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, El Salvador have recalled their ambassadors to Israel. Bolivian president Evo Morales has called Israel a “terrorist state.”

The US and Canada governments refuse to take a moral stand on the genocide in Gaza. Or Ukraine.

Many US media people like Bob Schieffer spout non-stop Israeli propaganda. There is a profound double standard in the mainstream media pro-Israel and against Palestinians -- the media Israeli talking points may cite Hamas, but the genocide is obviously against all Palestinians.

$6 billion worth of damage has been done this round of “lawn-mowing” to Gaza according to Amy Goodman in her interview with Chomsky, aforementioned.

Bill Van Auken reveals that in 2001 the US built an “Urban Warfare Training” facility for the IDF in the Negev desert in Israel. It cost the US taxpayers $266 million. It is a 7.4 square mile simulated city. US special forces and Israeli special forces share techniques for effective warfare against urban “resisters.” They share techniques they have learned in Gaza, West Bank, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.

According to Van Auken, with inequality deepening globally including in the United States, struggling and angry ghettoized urban dwellers especially are seen as an imminent and potential serious threat to the corporate elites and political class. The plan of these overlords? To brutally, quickly and systematically CRUSH resistance from the lower classes.

This is called “counter-revolution.” The US government has been enabling this globally. It not only has been self-serving for faux-American interests (really corporate interests which jeopardize American citizen interests not to mention destroy and demolish the quality of life or actual lives of millions of foreign peoples as well as using young American troops as cannon fodder) as well as its being great "practice" before the US government fully launches murderous repression of its own citizens.

In Virginia Van Auken reveals there also has been built a mock American town with office buildings, a church, a sports stadium and even a subway stop and train station. It cost US taxpayers $96 million. It is used as a US Army Asymmetric Warfare Group training center for “urban warfare training” exercises.

Such training exercises have been conducted in major US cities recently.

Also, the recent Boston bombing was an excellent opportunity for US security forces (for whose security, exactly?) to carry out an extreme martial lockdown scenario.

SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) squads are deployed readily like in St. Louis against residents protesting a police murder.

Van Auken asserts that the same “financial and corporate oligarchy” supporting the slaughters in Gaza and Ukraine, are prepared to use murderous violence to defend its “system” against challenges from the likes of us US citizens, as well!

Mass police state violence against protesting and struggling US citizens is on the agenda for our future.

It’s called asymmetrical warfare.

It’s called fascism.

Will we manage to remember what is being done to the Gazans, Syrians and eastern Ukrainians now, when it starts happening BIG TIME to us?

Ultimately we will all be Palestinians, Syrians, east Ukrainians, etc.! We will be demonized as "terrorists" to be collectively punished and/or exterminated by the elites and their spineless or obtuse collaborators who will propagandize themselves as our victims.

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when it starts happening BIG TIME to us?

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