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"You can't ask someone to believe you over their lying pink slip."

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Natasha on the complete failure (and lies) of the Democratic Party - "I Don't Know How Many More Progressive Victories I Can Take." I hear ya, Natasha.

There's a reason why they lie, of course. Part of the problem with lying by the elites is that it prevents the nation from dealing with its very real problems. James Howard Kunstler (via Yves Smith) on Obama's lies as well as those we tell ourselves:

The great muddlement out there, this inability to form a coherent consensus about what's happening, is especially frightening when, as is the case today, even the intelligent elites appear clueless or patently dishonest, in any case unreliable, in their relations with reality. President Obama, for instance - a charming, articulate man, with a winning smile, pectorals like Kansas City strip steaks, and a mandate for "change" - who speaks incessantly and implausibly of "the recovery" when all the economic vital signs tell a different story except for some obviously manipulated stock market indexes. You hear this enough times and you can't help but regard it as lying, and even if it is lying ostensibly for the good of the nation, it is still lying about what is actually going on and does much harm to the project of building a coherent consensus. I submit that we would benefit more if we acknowledged what is really happening to us because only that will allow us to respond intelligently. What prior state does Mr. Obama suppose we're recovering to? A Potemkin housing boom and an endless credit card spending orgy? The lying spreads downward from the White House and broadly across the fruited plain and the corporate office landscape and through the campuses and the editorial floors and the suites of absolutely everyone in charge of everything until all leadership in every field of endeavor has been given permission to speak untruth and to reinforce each others lies and illusions.

How dysfunctional is our nation? These days, we lie to ourselves perhaps as badly the Soviets did, and in a worse way, because where information is concerned we really are a freer people than they were, so our failure is far less excusable, far more disgraceful. That you are reading this blog is proof that we still enjoy free speech in this country, whatever state of captivity or foolishness the so-called "mainstream media" may be in. By submitting to lies and illusions, therefore, we are discrediting the idea that freedom of speech and action has any value. How dangerous is that?

It's very dangerous. But I take hope in that the call for truth seems to be spreading. Looks like people are celebrating the end of 2009 not with champagne, but with red pills.

Note: Edited to add the Kunstler piece.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

These days, we lie to ourselves perhaps as badly the Soviets did, and in a worse way, because where information is concerned we really are a freer people than they were, so our failure is far less excusable, far more disgraceful.

the whole conversation about pragmatism seems to be about you are not allowed to say anything that would threaten the lies of conventional wisdom.

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Submitted by BDBlue on

You're not allowed to tell the truth.

The reason, of course, is because the truth is a threat to everyone, not just a particular political party or operative.

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BDBlue great post, thanks, but I have a minor copy-editing tweak. You write:

the truth is a threat to everyone

but I think you meant to write:

the truth is a threat to everyone who matters

Which is why it is to be hoped that the country still has enough resilience for the Versailles strategy of having the Dems throw more and more people under the bus before turning the whole mess over to the Republicans for a populist right wing beatdown is a FAIL. These people are smart about stealing, but they're not smart about everything.

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He helped to make this rotten bed we all have to lie in, with his pathetically delusional cheerleading for Obama from the primaries through the election. I remember him gushing about all the transparency that O was going to bring to government. He still apparently can't let go completely of his 2008 man crush on that "charming, articulate man, with a winning smile, pectorals like Kansas City strip steaks" (a description that really, really makes me want to hurl).

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His smearing of Clinton revealed just how mentally ill he is. Had we nominated Hillary, things wouldn't be perfect now, but they'd be a damn site better. Until Kuntsler can admit that he was wrong, not only about Obama, but Clinton as well, he doesn't have any value. He's simply a dishonest, hysterical, manipulative misogynist. Nothing more. Nothing less.

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Submitted by BDBlue on

I avoided a lot of the kool aid drinking world at the time. And his description of Obama did make me cringe.

Having said all of that, I think he's right about the state of nation. And perhaps the fact he's willing to call Obama a liar only proves that the truth is spreading (even to people who have historically not wanted to hear it).

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Submitted by Davidson on

The '08 primaries and it's disgusting mix of bigotry and cult following; and the convenient lie that Clinton and Obama were never any different from each other to begin and she, the Dark Sith, would have been as bad as the Light Worker, which says it all.

Even Westen now says:

But it would be hard to name a single thing President Obama has done domestically that any other Democrat wouldn't have done if he or she were president following George W. Bush (e.g., signing the children's health insurance bill that Congress is about to gut to pay for worse care for kids under the health insurance exchange, if it ever happens), and there's a lot he hasn't done that every other Democrat who ran for president would have done.

Onto the topic at hand: this is a great post. I, too, have been thinking about how we compare to previous decaying empires (e.g., Rome, Britain), but also how we, as Americans as a whole, compare to other peoples who have lived under truly despotic regimes. As you mention, the Soviet Union is one example that shows that we have no excuse really for being wrapped up in our own self delusion, and Iran and the courageous protests by its people is another.

Hopefully, what BDBlue is saying is true and people are finally waking up. However, I fear that anger will be exploited by fascist elements.