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Yogi's Corner: Transcript of "How" Health Exchanges Will Operate

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For now, a "snippet" from a NPR Show transcript, which featured a panel of three [so-called] health care journalists and/or experts.

The Guest Host is Tom Gjelten, and the expert is Susan Dentzer, Senior Policy Adviser, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, explaining "how" one signs up for ObamaCare.

GJELTEN 10:13:24

Well, Susan, will these -- some of these exchanges are actually physical locations where you can go in, in person. I mean Julie mentioned websites, but you can do it either online or in person at least in some cases, right?

DENTZER 10:13:41

Well, it -- by and large, the exchanges are online sites. You can go and get help from people in various places to help you sign up online.

We should underscore, too, that for the states that have elected to have the federal government run the exchanges for them, you will be signing up entirely online.

You'll go to You'll fill in your state. Then you'll be directed toward the sub-site of the site that takes enrollment for your state.

DENTZER 10:14:11

So for that vast majority of people who are going to be eligible in those particular states, that's how they will sign up.

As we've said, there's a whole manner of people out there to help you, navigators, assissters, various enrollment counselors, certified application counselors. You can find out about those on the site of an individual state exchange.

Those will list frequently who those people are who can help you out and a whole other array organizations that have hospitals. Many physicians' offices are also helping people to sign up for coverage.

Remember: Individuals who are participating in the "Federal" Health Exchange MUST complete their actual enrollment "online," although they are allowed to consult "in person" with navigators, etc.

[Personally, I was always confused on this point.]


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was in the process of "creating" a Quick Hit just a few minutes ago, I managed to "reduce" the size and proportion of my web page (if that makes any sense).

IOW, the written material seems to cover only about 1/2 of the surface of my webpage, in the web browser that I was actually posting in, at the time.

I'm now using Mozilla Firefox to type this comment--and everything is "normal" in size and proportion.

I prefer the Comodo browser, and would hate to delete and reinstall it, since I have quite a number of "bookmarks" that I would like to keep.

Any suggestions of "where to look" or "what to do," in order to restore the Comodo browser back to "normal" size and proportions, would be very much appreciated.

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and in place, ready to begin work on October 1st. Wow!!!

[Transcript Below]

GJELTEN 10:22:45

Are you ready for Oct. 1?

Do you feel like you -- have you got the -- have you been able to get the navigators on board to take on this challenge?

MCKINNEY 10:22:54

Well, we're getting ready. We have hired navigators.

We have not completely hired out the entire 75, but the navigators that we have hired have begun training.

And we are pretty confident, very confident that we'll be ready to go Oct. 1.

GJELTEN 10:23:13

Do you have any questions yourself about how this process is going to work?

Are there, you know, are there sort of unresolved things that you're waiting to see addressed?

MCKINNEY 10:23:24

Well, the biggest unresolved is the products themselves.

The Department of Texas Insurance has not announced what products will be available.

It's our understanding that over 120 insurance companies have applied to, you know, have products available that we expect by the end of next week that the Texas Insurance Department will announce the products that are going to be available.

[End of Transcript]

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during her confirmation hearing for the Ambassadorship to Japan, assure lawmakers that:

"if confirmed, I will work to promote the TPP."

This from the last prominent representative of the family that was once the "Vanguard of the Democratic Party."

Sigh . . .