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Yet another Siamese cat

I thought I had another, far cuter shot, but I was so shocked I got close enough to take it that I muffed it. Such is life!

* * *

Most evenings, I hear a "Miao miao maio miao miao" floating up from the soi, over and over again; an old lady imitating and/or calling her cat: แมว (maaeo) means "cat" in Thai, conveniently enough.

On the night I got back from my tooth extraction, I was walking out to buy more gauze when I passed her looking under the cars and calling, and for no reason at all looked left, and there the or at least a cat was placidly sitting on a doorstep, looking like butter wouldn't melt in its mouth. So I silently pointed -- my jaw being clenched to hold the gauze in place -- and she was happy, and I was happy. The cat, I presume, was if not happy at least soon fed. That cat was grey, of course, since it was night time, so I can't be sure that cat was this cat, even if both cats did share strategies for concealment and the frustration of humans.

There are never enough cute pictures of cats!

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I'm stuck on the rules for generating tones from the letter combinations. (However, I haven't concentrated on that this time.)

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And right now it's burning through it, and at a time when winter really ought to be ending!

So what Yves says is exactly right: "winters are long and cold in Maine and fuel bills are high." It's the house in the winter that's killing me.