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"Yet another Jill Stein puff piece Or, how I learned to stop worrying and vote third party"

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It looks like we have another convert.

Money quotes:

Stein is no joke. She's a highly intelligent and experienced organizer, not to mention a Harvard alum, like her big-party opponents. Among other sensible ideas, Stein wants to abolish the Electoral College, repeal the Patriot Act, and cut military spending in half — ideas that so-called progressives seem to wholeheartedly embrace in non-election years only. With that in mind, here's a conscience call to anyone who has enough courage to put their ballot — and perhaps their volunteer time — where their mouth is.

"I had never been a member of any political party," says Stein. "I've always thought that the whole process was simply too corrupt to be a part of. After working on campaign-finance reform, though, it became clear that we couldn't fix the fundamental problem of money in politics until we changed the corrupt political culture with a whole new vehicle."

Even after officially announcing her candidacy in late October, however, she didn't ask for backing from Occupiers. Instead, Stein says, she offered her support.

"Occupy is incapable of being harnessed," says Stein. The candidate was invited by Occupy organizers to speak at a massive student-debt rally in Union Square, and was even arrested on August 1 in Philadelphia for protesting Fannie Mae alongside foreclosure victims. How's that for cred? She continues: "Occupiers have seen that it's not only the electoral system that's rigged — it's every mode of political action. We can't afford to give the predators a pass anywhere. To only work outside of the system is to see everything you've worked for destroyed by the pressure of the voting booth. I've found over and over again that Occupiers are on board with that approach."

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