If you have "no place to go," come here!

"Yes we scan!"


NOTE Via (from demonstrations in Germany).

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(I wonder what percentage of the participants over there could read that and get it? I wonder if someone over there picked-up on that coming from a media source in some English speaking country they follow or if someone for whom English is a second language thought that one up on their own over there in Germany. Making a play on words in your second language would be pretty impressive-- at least if they're not a nineteenth century European aristocrat.)

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Both the artwork and the message.

Would it be easy in photoshop to do a variant with "Yes we Scam"?

Submitted by lambert on

... So it might be easy. Not easy for me, though -- I don't know how to do PhotoShop manipulation, like the tilt.

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Is this the process? Towards the bottom the author describes how to change the vertical distortion.

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I thought of tilting the whole image, but distorting the one character M is probably a better idea. Still not what I'm good at, though.

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it is will done.

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Then, hilariously, the Obey Giant guy who did this got sued for copyright....

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... changing the text in the side margins to work with "Yes we SCAM."

I'll do some thinkin' and post some ideas.

I'm totally inept in photoshop ...

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I mean, wasn't Shepard Fairey guy who manipulated a photo of Obama to make the first HOPE posters also sued? By the photographer?

So, who's suing whom now?

And doesn't parody count as fair use?

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Here on Fairey. It's like nobody should ever get involved with Obama because terrible things happen.

* * *

Parody should be fine, so we are safe (caveat I'm not a lawyer....)

P.S. How is your friend that you helped so much?

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I can replace the text but, I'm not a font guru.

Also my brain is in an ObamaCare loop right now so I'm stuck on good text.

Here's what should be replaced:
The slogans along the right and left margins at the bottom (Obey Us, Control)
We are watching you (running along the bottom
Trust us. Trust us. Trust us. Repeat (just above #3)

Remove the headphones?

Replace, "United we progress toward a perfectly monitored society" ?
Replace, "Observe" banner in the crowd?

What about the eyeball & the NSA thing in the logos in the bottom corners?

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is perfect for one of the main slots.

Brain's been chasing around in circles trying to articulate 1, 2 or 3 word messages for the Scam theme. (1) Most transparent govt evah vs NSA/PRISM, (2) No Torture vs. Gitmo Still Open [and Bradley Manning Tortured] (3) End War [Drones and Pink Misting Wedding Parties, plus Syria, plus iran, etc.] (4) "Health Care for All" vs. Health Insurance/Defective Product for small slices of bucket-fitting "folk" and /ObamaCare Bankruptcy Health Plan, etc. (5) Finance and Banksters Accountability vs. Trillions in Free Money, No Prosecutions, Promotions, Exec Appointments of Banksters, etc. (6) Education Important vs. 5-week 1 percenter McTeachers and computerized ed for all public school kidz; (7) Shoveling our money, assets, resources to privateers of every stripe; (8) "Fair Society" vs. Blacks, elderly, students, fifty somethings unterbussen; (9) Grand Bargain (what was his slogan campaigning that's opposed to this?)

I haven't come up with anything pitchy or (more importantly, catchy and shocking).


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.. that remains in effect: "It's like nobody should ever get involved with Obama because terrible things happen." (Or: "Just don't get involved with Obama because terrible things happen.")

Hurrah, Lambert!