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Yes, the raids were coordinated

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Susie has the details. It seems there was a conference call. But why couldn't the mayors have simply said no, we are not going to do that?

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Mayors of large American cities aren't going to jeopardize their war on drug money, their highway money, their education money or their ability to advance upward through the rungs of the cursus honorum.

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... but I imagine that's as close as we'll come (except for those odd photos we see of DHS-themed vehicles).

Now, did anybody organize a concall with the editors of the major newspapers?

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I should have noticed the media source cited. The author of the story does have journalism background in traditional media (and just now I verified his stated media background - e.g. wrote for the Chicago Tribune, etc.). But some skepticism is being expressed about this story. What he claims to have heard from Justice source is plausible though.

On a tangentially related note:

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... or the State Department.

Although, now that I come to think of it, a massive, nationwide police raid and we don't know the agency that's coordinating it? That seems odd. Especially since, if their cause is so righteous, they would be anxious to identify themselves.