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Yemen market

Do you buy it? Have we always been at war with Yemen? Did I not get the memo?

Nobody else is buying it either, except only Lieberman is claiming someone from the administration is saying it ....

NOTE Lieberman is, of course, carrying water for Obama, just as he did on health care insurance reform. I can't imagine why he's the hate figure for "progressives," but it's a funny old world...

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The Saudis are freaking out about the civil war in Yemen, which has been going on sporadically for 50 years. There is no established border in the area, so the "bad guys" might be in what will eventually be Saudi Arabia if a formal border is ever agreed to.

Armed whackos upset the Saudis, so they want the US to do something, because the Saudi military is something the Royals do on a lark, and they don't want to risk being hurt.

They have had some bad experiences with mercenaries, i.e. they often don't want to leave promptly after killing the peasants and demand to be paid in full, if not more than full. The US military is the ideal force, as they work cheap and leave.

We should stay out of it. There is no reason to make someone else mad at us, and we certainly don't owe the Saudis anything.