If you have "no place to go," come here!

Yeah, why aren't they out taking Andy Stern's money to censor single payer advocates?

Bowers goes meta-pathetic.

I think Bowers' point, if he has one, is that he's an effective pragmatist. That he's making the hard choices. Incrementally. Or something. Who really knows?

NOTE Given the nod and wink by Bowers, the usual suspects among the commenters then gleefully prepare the Boomers for the ice floes. Thanks, "progressives"!

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... how could it have been?

No, it's just a casual observation. Everyone so often Bowers just randomly vents. Who know?

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Or any of the other "access" bloggers, I would do so in order to see what type of spin the White House is going to put on any given event, just as I would watch Fox News to see how the Repubs were going to spin an event.

Or perhaps his posts could be considered bad performance art. Maybe that's why he considers himself "creative"!!!111!!!