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I've got to go do more painting now, so I can't do this topic justice.

However, remember alll that concern trolling about access in real time? Yes, they can access email and chat (and a shit ton [technical term] ]of other stuff, go read) in real time.

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From scrimminger. Actually, seems to me, the US is far worse, meaning more inclusive and detailed that East Germany ever had any hope of being.

Another comment, from SheriffOfNothing:

"Welcome to XKeyscore! Calls, emails, beahviour will be monitored and subjects selected for re-education or drone-adjustment as required...."

And we do know how Obama luvvvs him those drones.... Chills reading this, anyone?

Democracy officially dead in the US?

From taxinell at The Guardian article:

"NSA is the only part of the US government that actually listens to the people. h/t @DieZauberer"

OK, time to start lobbying for jobs and single payer under NSA key words? /snark

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still unable to stop Boston bombing?

Sounds so familiar. Foreign governments warn US sucurity agencies about possibly dangerous guy. Nothing done. But, then, the damage and deaths caused by the attack lead to even more repressive measures within the US....

Looks like a plan....

Gee, just what are we getting for giving up all our privacy?

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All of us not part of the One Percent.

Control of the 99 Percent is of utmost importance for maintaining the Corporate State. It's why the surveillance state is employed and will be employed ever more often to stifle dissent and protest. Writing about your angst at being unemployed? You are probably being checked out for sure. Showing any sign of gathering others to join you? You will be more closely watched. Actually get affirmative responses from others on the web about picketing or assembling for protest? You all will be watched, listened to, read closely to make sure you do not succeed in growing your numbers. Perhaps you will given a nice little mole to observe your group. You'se seen how it works.

The surveillance powers of the Corporate State which Snowden revealed sure as hell are not aimed primarily at foreigners...or active terrorists.

The Powers That Be have met the enemy and it'

Piece by Chris Hedges on how Occupy Wall Street really scared the crap out of our corporate and political masters, the Powers That Be, and how they intend to use chat, email, telephone, any digital communications methods to keep continual watch over who is instigating dissent and urging protests.

Well, especially protests in the streets and commons of America. I bet the PTB's love on line petitions: They provide ready made lists for keeping an eye on possible activists (aka domestic terrorists). And most who sign will never leave their keypads for going out on the street and being attacked by the militarized police.

Collecting everyone's info is necessary to keep the Corporate State in power. It is a major weapon in their control arsenal. There are only so many methods for tyanny to hold sway. Snowden is just showing us how far along it is implements digitally.

The Corporatists cannot allow another movement like Occupy to succeed as much as OWS did.

Read the whole Hedges piece; it's not all that long.

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"NSA is the only part of the US government that actually listens to the people. h/t @DieZauberer"

Thanks Jawbone!