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Wrong, and wrong

BooMan writes:

What's really going on is that there are two political bases in this country that do not see each other as legitimate.

Wrong. Off by one. There are three political bases in this country that do not see each other as legitimate.

And then there are a bunch of apathetic people who hate those party bases and can't understand why they can't work together to get anything done.

Wrong. To hate a party is not to hate the party's base. Give me an honest conservative local over any FKDP "leader" any day of the week.

And wrong. Having a realistic appreciation of the massive suckitude of Versailles (which BooMan thinks of as hating "those party bases") doesn't mean apathy at all: People can and do work hard at the local level.

I love reading BooMan because he has a pitch-perfect ear for the "progressive" conventional wisdom of the day. Naturally, any Versailles courtier or wannabe courtier would construe any activity not routed through the court as "apathy."

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Submitted by A. Citizen on

Cheeto Site tracking poll for 2010: Likely voters/Unlikey or not intending to vote

Republican Voters: 81/14
Independent Voters: 65/23
Democratic Voters: 56/40

Thanks Barry, Senator Reid, Diane, Ms. Pelousy..... You're bringing the Zombie Death Cult, Republican Party that is, back to shuddering, horrifying....


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Submitted by Pacific John on

Did you go to an oxygen bar or drink a four-pack of Red Bull, or something, Lambert? That is the funniest posts in a week, and one that our friend BM will see for years to come when he closes his eyes at night or drinks too much.

Speaking of things BooMan doesn't understand, there are a lot of people who know they are getting screw by the system, and are itching to take out their frustrations on whichever party seems to sucks least.

Submitted by lambert on

The D/R/D/R/D thing is a like a horrible karmic cycle, has been, for at least a generation. Somehow, we need to spike its wheels....

NOTE And then, of course, there's the "let's you and him fight" aspect. Look! Over there! Sarah Palin! That's sure a lot easier and cheaper than doing anything real in policy terms, so no wonder the FKDP insiders adopt that as a strategy, aided by their putatively "outsider" access bloggers.