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Wright or wrong--it wasn't a dream....

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Ok, yes I saw the Wright speech on CNN tonight. I know I saw it because I just saw another thread on corrente where Wright talked about the right-brained creative black child vs the wrong brained who-gives-a-damn white child. I thought that I had fallen asleep on the couch and dreamed that. Now I have to reconcile reality with um reality. Yes, Virginia this is 2008 not 1846.
Letting that sink in.
Wright went on to say in a tone that was as if all whites during desegregation ran and met in a big assembly room and said "we know what to do, they are right-brained creative AFRICAN children, we will desegregate thus keeping them down forever and ever!"
He made an inference by the tone of his voice that whites had desegregated and now blacks needed to reclaim and resegregate, and NOW instead of learning the white way with object oriented learning that left brained white kids use, NOW black America will rise and toss the shackles of the white conspiracy and ummmm teach their kids the subjective way of ummmm subject learning for wright-brained kids.
Wow, what does that remind me of......mmmmmm uuuuuhhhhhmmmm oh oh yeah it is just like what was said that made AA justifiably slaves.
Who exactly is going to teach these kids this subject oriented learning and will it be paid for, and does this mean all AA's need to go back to school to be reeducated including Obama?

God, it was like accidentally walking into a KKK meeting and looking around and wondering WTF am I in the US of A?

What annoys me even further is that this was a tax-free NAACP meeting, Wright did not talk about American Indian kids, he did not talk about how jewish children learn, he did not address how indian children learn....

And the two commentators after CNN if the woman smiled and was any more ingratiating...I was waiting for the health club membership plug to come out. Where do the media find these happy who ha's? the optimists clubs? Not ONE substantive thing was said by the two cheerleader commentators, although if the woman could have shut up for 10 secs maybe we could have heard if the man who was next to her had anything at all to say that was substantive. Since he didn't, I will have to imagine that they both thought it was a great idea to segregate right-brained AA's into their own schools so that Wright and his ilk can properly train them.

Someone pass me the cyanide!

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and didn't understand what was aired tonight.

It's nice to know that the modern tendency for media companies to give prideful, ignorant people enough airtime to destroy their public images is still in effect.

How could he be so blind as to say "yes!" to every invitation, without knowing what would really hurt even his own local initiatives for education?

Does this man even have a board of deacons to say, "you might want to think this through..."?

Guess not. A congregation can tolerate graft, ostentatious living, neon-colored preaching suits, adultery and conspiracy theories, but it cannot tolerate becoming fools in the eyes of the outside world.

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There's a story in today's WaPo that Wright will be speaking at a forum on the mission of the black church. He'll be at the National Press Club so I imagine there might be a few protesters outside on the sidewalk...

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to this speech, I really want to see it for myself, and I'm thinking about doing a post on it.

Bill Clinton for First Dude!!!

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You asked for it. It also has the video if you wanted to watch the speech. I don't know if the commentary at the end is included, I just can't watch it.

Please post the link to what you write when you write it.

“Democrats have a habit of falling in love with candidates on the first date.”

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J.A. Wright is no M.L. King. So, what? I don't like some (perhaps many) of his messages. So, what? I wouldn't belong to his church. So, what? This is much more than a single sound bite. So, what? Through sermons and explanations, his messages have stayed the same. So, what?

B.H. Obama has been addressing this month after month after month. So, what? Oh! That's the rub. This is where the message changes!

Instead of facing this honestly a long time ago, Obama engaged in a drawn out, disingenuous series of equivocations, obfuscations, and misdirections -- ranging from inferences of not being present, to hearing things that made him uneasy, to an avowal that he would have left the church or said something, if Wright had not recently retired.

Blaming any of this on H.R.Clinton is patently wrong. For the most part, she has addressed this in response to direct questions, and, for a politician, used kid gloves, as far as I'm concerned. Fox news brought this to the fore, after it simmered on obscure back burners for a long time.

This is Obama's mess, and there are some other issues simmering on the back burners that have been handled in a similar flip-flopping manner.

Further, at each flip, there seems to have been disconnects between Obama and the Obamaniacs -- at this moment he is accusatory and they are exculpatory.

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For all her campaign missteps, I'll give Hillary this, she has never forgotten that she's running to be President and not just the democratic nominee. Via Talk Left, Greg Sargent reports:

Hillary chief strategist Geoff Garin [said] "Senator Obama has said what he has to say . . .We respect the fact that Senator Obama has had his say on this and the campaign should move on."

And, Hillary herself said:

I regret the efforts by the Republicans to politicize this matter and I believe that if Senator McCain were serious he would do more than just send a letter[.] [H]e is the putative nominee[.] I think he could very clearly tell the North Carolina party[,] tell the Mississippi party[,] that he would not tolerate those kinds of advertisements and I'm waiting to see if he does that.

Now, I don't think Hillary can stop any discussion of Wright (or necessarily wants to), but it's critical that she do this to try to keep the party from splitting along racial lines in November.

And, honestly, while I disagree with much of what Wright has said, as a reason to oppose Obama for the nomination it pales in comparison to his thin resume epitomized by his failure to hold a single Senate hearing. Of course, the media will never care about that because substantive issues like this might actually reflect on whether someone will be a good president. The media hasn't cared about whether someone would make a good president in at least 30 years.

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What a bunch of shit. I like this guy a lot. I'm sure people will shout "reverse racism!" and jump all over him for "calling ADD a black disorder" and it's pretty clear that most of the "differences" he describes are environmental rather than genetic, but you know, he's right. If I grew up listening to gospel rather than Catholic hymns, I'd probably have very different musical preferences, and so on. Doesn't mean my white upbringing was boring (even though it was). The part about love and hate was great, too. And the O'Reilley joke!

He said nobody ought to be ashamed because they were raised to "act black" (or, for that matter, "white"). It's pretty clear that he was trying to address some concerns about Obama's cultural heritage, and I say, good for him. Anyway, here's the videos.

I really find it hard not to like this guy. Calling him "hateful" absolutely reeks of wingnut smarm. Fuck that.

That said, Obama's cowardly "I wasn't there" dodge does him a great disservice.

But I still believe

And I will rise up with fists!!

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while talking about Clintons?????

Condoskeeza Rice--from a minister????

Monica cracks????

come on....and that's ignoring the AIDS shit, and the all white people are keeping blacks down, and everything else that is pure hatred toward giant groups, and paint the entire country as some unrelentingly evil place.