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Wretched excess

Put down your coffee! 100 days in, and we're marketing an Obama time capsule.

That was fast.

And you know, I think I preferred "Wait 'til he's done something."

WARNING This is the kind of obnoxious site that has a triumphalist voiceover you can't turn down. I moved fast, but before I managed to kill the sound on the machine, I thought I caught the phrase "Victory Gin"...

NOTE Hat tip (I guess) to alert reader dblhelix.

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Submitted by vastleft on

I've been thinking along those lines but failed to see the commercial potential.

I started taking photos every day to capture the breathtaking, breakneck progressive change that's uplifting the country in every way imaginable, but I had to stop when the ponies started cluttering every danged shot.

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Submitted by ElizabethF on

it reads and sounds condescending....if they are targeting adults. Maybe it's for children?

Submitted by ralphb on

more like they're targeting idiots. deranged idiots.