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Clinton and Sanders Take Aim at Different Targets as Democrats Gather in Iowa

Hillary Clinton trains her attacks on Republicans, while Bernie Sanders says the real problem is the ‘billionaire class’

Sanders is relentless in his focus on the oligarchy. I don't remember any Democrat ever attacking the oligarchy, certainly not in my lifetime. That is part of what makes his campaign a revolution.
Sanders is not Oliver Cromwell, his is not going to raise an army and kill the king. This is not that kind of revolution. Sanders is William of Orange, only instead of getting a letter from the Immortal 7, he is getting the call from millions of American activists. In that sense his campaign is more comparable to the National Covenant of Scotland, although I suspect a secular Jew would not wish for the comparison.

Bernie Sanders is an independent Democratic Socialist who is walking into the Democratic party and taking over, that is, itself, a revolutionary act. What will be even more revolutionary is when he wins in November of 2016 without one cent from the oligarchy.

But the real revolution will begin when he audits the Pentagon, as he has promised to do. Once the results of that audit are made public, the public debate will shift sharply to the left.

Senator Bernie Sanders, Democratic presidential candidate, addresses the Iowa Democratic Party Hall of Fame Dinner on July 17, 2015

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