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Would someone please read this, so I don't have to?

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A twenty-something at Democratic Underground just posted a lengthy statement explaining, I think, why Baby Boomers have huge noses.

I would have read it myself, but I gotta go chase some kids off my lawn.

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Honestly, what tripe.

Skip the bloviating and go right to the comments where some of the old farts put this joker in his place.

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Thirty-eight people recommended this Obamaite's ignorant, ageist, hate-filled post, making it one of yesterday's highest rated DU posts.

Sometimes the Unity pony is a cruel mistress.

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...this all reminds me very strongly of the same kind of enthusiasm around Gene McCarthy and McGovern (McGovern to a lesser extent, and only in the primaries...once the general campaign began, the '70s version of the DLC took over McGovern's show and it was all over but the counting.)....

in the end, the young voters never showed up in the general back then. Read Dr. Thompson's book on that campaign. Everyone thought that FINALLY young voters would come through. They didn't.

If Obama is the nominee, those young voters better be out in force, or he'll lose to all those GOP voters who, back in the 70s, thought that the Guard should have killed *everyone* at Kent State. I'm not making that up. There are hundreds of letters, held by the University, to prove it. This country is still full of these people, esp. in the South and the Midwest, and they're still just as savagely ignorant as they ever were.

I'll vote for Obama if he's the nominee. I don't need a callow, neurotic 20-something to tell me my business.