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Would I rather have a beer with Obama or Romney?


I'd rather smoke a joint with Jill Stein!

NOTE Only when the entirely rational policy of legalizing marijuana is implemented, of course. The legacy parties will never advocate this, because there's too much money to be made in the growing mass incarceration field. But the Greens -- and to be fair, the libertarians -- do advocate it.

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Submitted by insanelysane on

The thought that a world power spends any resources at all on trying to eradicate a mild herb at the level that we do is just a society that has no reasoning power.

Thank the Dogs that Jill Stein is gaining in poll %. I'm grateful just to have a sane voice in this whole political horse race we are in again.
How do we make sure she and other 3rd party get a voice in the debates?

I always hated it that the rules for the debates seemed an elite decision.
The voters should have much more say in who can speak at and take part in the debates.
More freedom of speech...not less.

But to answer the beer summit question...
When I see him talking to folks.... he has very good listening skills.
He shows empathy and concern that seems to me to be authentic.
He actually answers the question asked .
He seems incredibly honest for a politician.
( I thought Ike was incredibly honest too)
I'd prefer to have a beer with Hillary, but wouldn't refuse a beer with Mitt.
Obama, no...I've heard plenty from him and it's clear,
It's just words with him.
Just. Words.

Submitted by lambert on

He's no more or less sane than Obama, clearly. Modulo that whole Mormon Bishop thing, but then again, if you want a real Mafia, think Harvard Law and the University of Chicago.

* * *

However, I'd classify any idea of "empathy and concern" as assuming facts not in evidence. The world they live in is simply to far away from ours; if they are emphathic, it is as tourists in a second or third world country look at the "natives." And then they fly away.

Submitted by jawbone on

that you undertsand that he wants to gain your confidence in order to fleece you and enrich himself. Sounds like there were several entrepreneurs who learned that the hard way, and then had to sue over theft of their ideas.

Romney has perfected the art of looking sincere, with that somewhat wide-eyed look, the ready smile, the glad hand, and the high speed glib statements.

He will say what he perceives will please his mark. If he detects some reluctance on the part of the mark he will say the complete opposite to try to win his trust. All in a rapid fire patter befitting the carney huckster. He does not care whether his change of positions are called out, because by then he's on to his next mark. Next voter, next deal.

All that matters for him is that Mitt succeed and make money, whther for himself or for his church. Susie Madrak wondered if he wants to win the presidency so he can bring his loot hidden in offshore accounts back to the US free of taxes.

It's so all about the Mitt and his money And his church brethren have given him leave to lie, to say things against church principles in order to win votes, to fool voters.

Nor do I trust Obama. Sometimes, just for fleeting moments, I think he just might listen to Michelle, who did have close-to-the-bone experiences with not having much money growing up in the US. But, more, I think he listens to his Uberwealthy and bankster buddies. Mentors. Patrons.

Submitted by hipparchia on

because i'm pretty sure that nobody in the obama family has ever even thought of putting their dog on top of the car and driving halfway to nowhere.

i don't like marijuana [agree 100000% that it should be fully legalized] and jill stein does not need any advice from me, but somebody needs to set barack obama straight on a few things and i'd volunteer for that opportunity in a heartbeat, even without beer.

Submitted by Lex on

I have no desire to mingle with the nomenklatura, fuck 'em.

*I guess i'd hang out with Stein, but i wouldn't go out of my way for it.

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Submitted by letsgetitdone on

to vent at Obama. Wouldn't do any good cause everything I said wouldn't register on his framework. But he'd know that there are people out there who can shred his whole framework in a debate!

Submitted by Hugh on

Who would I prefer to have a beer with? Neither
Who would I prefer to throw a beer at? Both, but only if it was a cheap, sour beer. It would be a waste to throw anything drinkable at them.

Submitted by chadwick newsome on

I wouldn't want to drink with either of them. But if I were sentenced to drinking with one of them, and I had to choose, I'd drink with Romney. He's a robot who represents his own interets and the interests of his class. O, on the other hand, is a robot who represents the the interests of the class that sponsored and then admitted him. But he lies about it a lot.

Submitted by jawbone on

I tried to smoke a joint with her! Now, a brownie....with tea.

I wouldn't mind trying Obama's WH brew with him, but only if he'd actually listen and not filibuster. And if I had time to practice what I'd say that might make the most impact on his thinking, which seems to have been cemented toward favoring the Uberwealthy when they took him under some of their wings when he came to Chicago (maybe much earlier????).

There's that quote from one of his books where he says the more he was with them, the more he saw the merit of their way of thinking. Somewhat socially liberal, fiscally concerned with their own wealth and keeping it, expanding it. One of the Correntians posted it here, iirc. DCblogger, maybe? I can visualize the shape of the comment, indented quote from the book, but not enough precise words to bring it up on Google....

(I haven't been able to use Correntewire's Search box function for a long time, btw.)