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Worthwhile Canadian sporting event

Curling much less dull than first thought.

Actually, that comment does make curling sounds rather neat. And overshooting while not quite being able to correct in time... Well, that sounds a propos to me, for some reason.

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Catch the Canadian Women vs Sweden today at 5PM Eastern, CNBC I think. Two of the best teams Ive ever seen play.

Apart from the capacity 5000 seat crowd going monkeysh*t in the stands-- which is a true absurdist delight in and of itself -- the things these people can make a flying 44lb rock do is mesmerizing.

Over and over this weekend I heard myself holler at the TV, "They did NOT! They did NOT just do that!" :D

Just weirdly amazing, like the Chris In The Morning cow-fling scene. Really.

Plus, the women are all quite young and surprisingly fetching, for those into that kind of thing..