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The world's greatest country can't manage to airlift injured Haitians to the hospital?

Haitian airlift stalls:

Hundreds of grievously injured Haitian earthquake victims remained in limbo Saturday, waiting for the U.S. military to resume airlifts to American hospitals four days after the flights were halted amid finger-pointing from the state and federal governments.

The Obama administration insisted late Saturday that the flights ceased because of logistical challenges -- and not over questions of who will pay the hospital bills in the United States, as the military had said earlier in the day.

Flights stopped on Wednesday amid a bewildering flurry of accusations and confusion over intentions, visas and costs -- and an angry surgeon's prediction that 100 of his patients would die if military flights didn't resume.

Military officials blamed Florida hospitals, saying they wouldn't take more injured Haitians. Hospital spokesmen strongly denied saying it.

One hospital administrators' group blamed Gov. Charlie Crist, who insisted he neither asked for a halt to the flights nor suggested it. Crist said that the feds misunderstood his request for their help earlier in the week.

Early Saturday, Navy Capt. Kevin Aandahl, a spokesman for U.S. Transportation Command in Illinois, said the military had stopped the flights because states, including Florida, were unwilling to accept Haitian patients without knowing they would get paid.

"It comes down to this: U.S. Transportation Command cannot do an air evacuation medical mission without an accepting medical hospital on the other end,'' Aandahl said.

Who cares whose fault it is? This is the sort of operation a functional empire with a functional ruling class is able to get done -- if they care about it.

Katrina all over again, except on an island where nobody can see.

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This is the sort of operation a functional empire with a functional ruling class is able to get done -- if they care about it.


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The Oborg Prime Unit doesn't want to do anything about Haiti.

However, it speechifies real nice if he sounds like he wants to... good for the polls and it is a $election year.

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Fucking incredible!

And naturally Obama is too bothered to actually provide some leadership in resolving this stupidity.

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Did it ever occur to anyone that there may not be anymore room in the hospitals? I had a hospital stay 3 days before the earthquake and if it wasn't for needing ICU (which I got the last bed) I wouldn't have gotten a bed and would have been in the hall. I am sure the hallways and rooms are full, where should we put them in the street? There is also a serious shortage of staff in the hospitals. So maybe another country would like to step up and help. casino en ligne

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It would be nice to be able to accept that as an excuse, but from the same story:

Yet dozens of hospitals in major cities around the country have offered to accept and treat injured patients from Haiti, said Dr. Barth A. Green, chairman of neurological surgery at the University of Miami's Miller School of Medicine, who was in Haiti on Saturday.

"We have offers from almost every major university in the United States to take patients,'' said Green, who called his field-hospital patients in Port-au-Prince "the sickest of the sickest.

"We can't care for them either on the ground in Haiti or on the USNS Comfort,'' a hospital ship off the Haitian coast, he said. "We all agree they need to be medevacced out, but all medevacs by the armed forces have been stopped and Homeland Security will not give us paroles for the people.

"We have hospitals waiting to receive them,'' he added. "But at the highest level of the U.S. government, they can't seem to get them out.''