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Submitted by ms_xeno on the poster over there entreating people to move to Portland, OR. I've been unable to find anything but temp work here for two years now. (Which does not, by any means, translate into: "I've worked steadily at temp labor for two years now.)

You can't swing a dead cat in this town without hitting some freshly-arrived idiot who thinks they're going to live happily ever after-- right after they land a "green" job. Whatever the hell that means.

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Submitted by Aeryl on

And rehired a few layoffs. But we also just fired a person who was a pretty big money sink, which had been in the plans for awhile, once his replacement was trained.

The first new guy was someone who literally walked in off the street, got lucky that THE boss was there, and that we had just had our warehouse guy walk out a few days earlier. He was hired on the spot.

Then, the boss asked him if he knew anyone else who wanted work, and his friend who was unemployed in Reno, NV, jumped on a plane for this job. (And it ain't that great of a job)

You know, it really does burn my ass to hear politicians say that people don't want to work.

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location - some people don't have that kind of reserve any longer and maybe can't hit up friends or family....

Damn you all to hell, Dems and your DINO president.

My anger at the feckless Dems and Obama (yes, I understand he may not be feckless at all in light of what appear to be his actual agenda and objectives) is still raw from seeing people with serious, dangerous burns who could not afford time in the hospital. They went to the ER, but could not, did not dare incur the costs of any time in the hospital, much less necessary graft surgery. Or they stayed the absolute minimum time in the hospital.

They have to pay in pain, longer healing time, scarring, possible physical limitations for life. THey have to skimp on medication, even bandages.

One of my roommates in the burn center was in that situation. After two days in the hosptal, she had to go home. Her daughter had spent hours on the phone trying to find some way to get her mother's burns covered in some way. Nothing out there to help her...but being wait listed. For who knows how long given Gov. "We can't tax the rich!" Christie's cuts to services for the people of NJ.

I will be getting from Gov. "We can't tax the rich!" Christie about a 16-20% tax increase this year, as he's doing away with the Homestead Rebate. Now that rebate would cover less than my monthly health insurance premium, but it was something. It was a help.

But we all must do out bit to keep the Uberwealthy fat and happy and in NJ, says Gov. "We can't tax the rich!" Christie....

Christie truly believes that the poor, the working class, the lower middle class owe it to the rich to pay more in taxes. The rich need more discretionary wealth, the better to invest in bubble economies for the quick buck and the high returns. They must have extra funds with which to gamble our economic viability and security, right?


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... when leaving my corporate (i.e., insured) situation in 2006, was that the Ds were going to take over, and couldn't possibly fuck up health care. I knew there was no guarantee, but I thought the politics (and optics) would surely drive them in the right direction. Boy, was I stupid and naive.

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Submitted by cwaltz on

(shaking head) Why in the world would you assume they couldn't possibly screw things up? Democrats have been disappointing since 2006, at least. The "new improved" Democratic party hasn't done anything other than parrot the "who could have ever imagined" line that Bush made ever so popular in 2001. Screwing up appears to be what they do BEST.

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Submitted by KIttyWells on

Some people here seem to have forgotten that the Republicans kept saying "NO" to everything especially the idea that all Americans have a right to healthcare.

If the Dems had had enough votes to stop fillibusters without the Republicans OR the DINO's, the bill would have been great.

Insteaad the Dems had to pass what they could in order to make it clear that we all DO have a right to healthcare. So even the Republicans finally admitted that we do have that right which in itself is CHANGE.

IF the Repubs actually lost a couple of seats this year, (I'm sure that Brown will be gone) then we could fix the currently lousy health care mess.

Submitted by lambert on

... they could have eliminated the power of the R "No" by abolishing the filibuster the day after the inaugural. They didn't, so all this talk of R obstruction is mere blathering and passing the buck.

And this is a novel argument:

Insteaad the Dems had to pass what they could in order to make it clear that we all DO have a right to healthcare.

I'd like evidence that the Ds were thinking this. Obama said health care should be a right, but he never said it was a right. Can you show me in the legislation where it says that health care is a right? Here's the legislation as passed. Show me.

So even the Republicans finally admitted that we do have that right which in itself is CHANGE.

Where did the Rs admit that? Evidence, please.

NOTE I don't like the "some people" locution. If you disagree with something, explain clearly who's making the point and why it's wrong.

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Submitted by cwaltz on

they had 60 votes. Is that enough though? Of course not. They need 100 Democratic Senators and 435 Democratic House Members before they can enact anything(rolling eyes at the absurdity of the idea that the party with a plurality in the Senate and the House and control of the WH is powerless against the minority Republicans).

Who was it again that made Snowe point woman on health care?.......oh that's right DEMOCRATIC President Obama. Who was it again that torpedoed Single Payer from the get go? oh that's right DEMOCRATIC House Leader Pelosi. Who was it again that offered up the conscience clause as a requirement to passing health care? Oh that'd be DEMOCRATIC member Stupak. Whose aide had a revolving door position at Wellpoint? Oh that'd be DEMOCRATIC member Ben Nelson.

But it's ALL the Republicans fault dontcha know.(tongue firmly in cheek). BooHoo the majority party is powerless.

Submitted by lambert on

Not Ben Nelson. The Wellpoint VP/D staffer was Liz Fowler.

Submitted by jawbone on

the consigliere for guiding the legislation and deal making with Big Health Insurers.

Messina was recently quoted as being well satisfied that Sherrod had be summarily fired.

A really awful sort of Democrat. Corporatist all the way.

Obama did not, afaik, ever ask Sen. Kennedy to send someone to be on his staff to aid him in passing health CARE. He wanted, and got, health insurance reform which mandates people to buy the crap the insurers will sell. And then all taxpayers even get to pay for the subsidies to help the poorer among us to "afford" those high premiums. The object was HCR -- High Corporate Revenues.

Submitted by jawbone on

Single payer was "OFF THE TABLE." He said it was a good idea, but it couldn't be done in our current health insurance situation -- meaning Big Health Insurers could not be deprived of their profit streams. Too disruptive.

Pelosi then backed up the shiny new DINO president. Not sure how hard that was for her, but she did not take the initiative on screwing the American people. She followed that DINO prez, making it House policy that single payer was, as Obama wanted, off the table.

Now, at one point during one of the later presidential primaries, when I think it was pretty much just Hillary and Obama at the debate, Obama was directly asked if he believed health care was a "right." He danced, he obfuscated, he hemmed, he hawed.He tried to evade.

The questioner came back at him with the direct question, "Do you believe it is a right?" at least 3 times (that I recall -- was it 4?). Finally, looking as if he was having a tooth pulled, as if the word was awful tasting cat food, he grudgingly said "Yes."

His entire body language screamed that he did not believe that in any way whatsoever.

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Submitted by cwaltz on

I guess they aren't really as interchangable as they sometimes they seem. ;)

Thanks for catching my mistake.

Your site has inspired me, by the way.

I'm considering a project over the span of the year where I research how both horrible legacy parties are in collusion. Then I plan on getting a booth at my local "festival" where I disseminate the info. Hopefully I can get a spot near to the both of them boothwise.

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Submitted by cwaltz on

I definitely want to make sure I include recent stuff though.

I think the American people's threshhold for pain should about be hitting the tipping point and I definitely see no reason the people in Congress should be collecting six figure incomes for screwing us over.

Frankly, at this point failing to do anything while both parties collectively loot our resources seems worse than failing to succeed in stopping them. I'm gonna take my chances.