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Words Fail

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You know you're in Surrealville when you can't even think of a word to describe what you've just read. In this case, it's a story in Wired on the Department of Death's plan to expand drone warfare, because Al Qaeda!!!

The plans were detailed by Leon Panetta at a meeting of the American Center for Security or some such horseshit. No, he did not address the fact that “the most precise campaign in the history of warfare” has slaughtered untold numbers of innocent people, women and children included. But as the writer notes, the U.S. is making amends. Sort of.

[Civilian deaths] vexed the U.S. for the past 11 years, to the point where it sponsors goodwill rap tours by American Muslim performers for want of better ideas.

Yeah, sorry about your father/daughter/son/baby/uncle/aunt/brother/sister/cousins. Now let's jam!


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It's along the same policy lines as the CIA funding Abstract Expressionism, the Paris Review, and so forth.

Now we get rap groups (nothing against rap, but Public Enemy I am sure these guys are not).

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Here's the group, with a song about the importance of small acts of kindness and being considerate of others. If they need a theme, may I suggest the "Do as We Say, Not as We Do Cognitive Dissonance Tour"?