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A word to our friends abroad

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Avedon Carol and Ian Welsh suggest that we leave the US. It is good advice, clearly we are headed towards Chilean style facsim, complete with a theft of the pension system.

If you can, FLEE. Your ancestors did, and it is time once again to flee. But if you are older, with no special skills, that is not so easily done.

So what can our friends abroad do for us? Clearly America has lost the ability to self correct. We need pressure from out side. Here are some ways our foreign friends can help us:

Agitate against the institutions of torture. Universities that hire known torturers, Georgetown U, Berkeley, Harvard, U of Tennessee, and all others who traffic in torture must be named torture chambers, and barred from international conferences. Not just Yoo and other notorious war criminals, the entire university. We did this to apartheid South Africa, and it must be done to America. It is the only thing that will penetrate our understanding that the US is held in abhorrence.

The corporations most responsible must be held accountable. If you live in a NATO country, ask that the companies responsible for corruption and torture, SAIC, Halliburton, etc., be prohibited from bidding on NATO work.

Especially go after General Electric, for GE's role in the financial melt down, for GE's role in the stolen election, for GE's role in lying the US into Iraq and so much more. Most of all, because GE is a national security risk. GE encouraged the late Tim Russert and Andrea Mitchell to obstruct the CIA leak investigation. A corporation like that should never be permitted anywhere near national security work. If you live in a NATO country, go after GE.

Also go after the Torture Justices. John Roberts, Alito, Scalia, and Clarence Thomas should not be able to travel. They should be barred from entry because of their immoral conduct.

Notorius American clerics who have called for torture should also be barred entry into your countries. It is going to sting if countries begin to say that such and such a cleric is a notorious advocate for torture and will be barred entry.

There are many other things along these lines that can be done. It will be difficult to isolate a superpower. The only reason this didn't happen during the Bush administration is that there are too many nations with a vested interest in our success. But as some point that won't hold.

This kind of pressure will empower those of us who choose to stay and fight.

PS - is there anyone with an account on European Tribune who can link to this post?

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Submitted by jumpjet on

I'm 23 years old and I'm staying. I will not tolerate an abandonment of the country by its best and brightest just when they're most needed. I'm too young not to fight for my homeland. In fact, I'd encourage just the opposite: all the older Americans are welcome to flee. We in the younger generation will stay and fix the messes made.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

I will not tolerate an abandonment of the country by its best and brightest just when they're most needed.

unless you are native American, fleeing is exactly what your ancestors did. Most of us are here because our ancestors knew when to bail. Fleeing is part of our genetic make up.

of course if you are African American your ancestors did not flee, they were brought here in chains and found a way to endure under the worst conditions. But they fled their masters at the first opportunity.

I am just pointing out what our foreign friends can do to support those of us who are staying.

A friend of mine left Russia at the age of 27. In his defense the KGB strongly suggested that he apply to emigrate. There is no disgrace in leaving.

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Submitted by jumpjet on

They gradually built Europe into a shining example of liberal progress.

Look, if you want to flee, fine, but I won't. I can't because I know there are too many here in this country who are unable to leave, and if those of us who are informed and willing to fight do leave, where will that leave the rest of them?

Submitted by lambert on

If you're not good at languages, forget about it. If you don't have "fuck you money" saved up. If you have people to take care of, here. And so on. And sure, the Roman empire collapsed, but it took several lifetimes to do it. I'd say that "flee" applies to a very small population, who are (lucky enough, I grant) to have the ex-pat experience. Me, I'd wait 'til the point where Canada's willing to grant political asylum -- which, on a purely pragmatic basis, I bet they'd be very happy to do, right after they decide to become the EU's largest aircraft carrier rather than surrender their fresh water supplies to Vegas.

Submitted by Lex on

And i'll stay if for no other reason than to keep it from getting flushed down toilets in Las Vegas. (I'm still hoping that Michigan and Minnesota become part of Canada...and maybe a slice of Wisconsin. That would, uh, shore up a large share of the world's fresh surface water.)

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Submitted by okanogen on

Can I help?

At Sweet Juniper, the Apocalypse is combined with smiling, Legos and Playmobile. That's how things roll in feral cities.

Meanwhile, Tom Brown Jr. is taking his survival skills training on the road to reach more people due to his feeling a duty to spread training as "....the world we once knew unravels around us and we are getting closer to Grandfathers' Third Prophecy." . If you've read his books (as I did in the '80's), you would not be pleased by that ominous-sounding penny-drop*. I'm taking the class in Lake Elmo in Feb..

*Especially because back at that time, the "Third Prophecy" was described as "avoidable".

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Submitted by SOScrewed on

learn a foreign language asap. The young, the educated, the bilinguals, and the rich have the best opportunities to leave. The majority will be forced to stay and fight or go under, whether they want to or not. If you have the good fortune of being at university, sign up for a foreign language course or semester abroad even if it isn't required. You're paying tuition anyway so make the most of the options that are available. Studying a foreign language was the best thing I did in college and it opens doors to teaching, volunteer, and a variety of other jobs abroad along with a work visa that will buy you time to search for additional opportunities while living abroad - options that I'm sure the unemployed would love to have right now.

Submitted by Paul_Lukasiak on

....maybe someone can set up a marriage bureau that would allow sympathetic foreigners to marry American progressives who want out! :)

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Submitted by jumpjet on

Very nice people, 'upstanding,' yet with no small history of liberal politics. Plus, at one point at least, they had the highest literacy rate in the country. Also, Des Moines is apparently a very beautiful city and wonderful to live in.

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

i wanted to get out in 2000. couldn't afford it then. i fell in love with London when i was there last year, and now that i could (perhaps) work that financially, i'm tied to family, and can't leave them behind nor afford to take them with me. i'm doing my best to prepare for Depression + NeoFascism here. it's going to be hard.

young fighters: please don't forget that you have a Record. merely by posting here, future american neonazis will be able to "ding" you, when they are looking for an excuse to kill you. that's the "fight" you're talking about. no one here, i hope, honestly believes that rebel militias will be able to withstand the might of the MIC and security state, once it comes home to fight the War on Terra here at home, as it inevitably will. two movies i'd like all young people to watch, ok, make that five.

"the sophie scholl story"
"soldier of Orange"
"black book"

(these are all foreign films not in english)

they are all based in fact, some more than others. what i like about them is that they are uncompromising, in the way boring books no one wants to read are. but because they're film it's easier to absorb the important lessons. which are:

most revolutionaries die.
most attempts at throwing off fascism and state oppression fail.

i have other people i must needs think about, as i make my choices right now. if you're young, take my advice: don't have kids. and don't commit to taking care of your friends and family when they need help because of health reasons. if you read this site, you're a good progressive, and in this economy, eventually you'll be asked to make such a choice. revolutionaries can't afford to take care of other people. this isn't a romantic statement, it's a statement of truth. if you have to stones to be willing to sacrifice your family for your political aims, i salute you. but trust me, that's not a choice even the staunchest of us are truly able to make, most of the time.

violent revolt in this country is not a winning option. not in these times, not with the money devoted to the MIC, not with ~%50 of people here ready to send "ecoterrorists" and "anarchists" to the chair. and that's today, before the nazi-esque 'stab in the back' propaganda campaign begins in earnest. you are already on The List. you will be first in line, when the camps ramp up and come online.

think about that. as the original poster said: your ancestors left. they lived, and made the people who made you. perhaps you have living relatives in germany, russia, china, africa. but chances are, they're nothing like you, if they live today.

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Submitted by jumpjet on

that's currently bleeding all over Iraq and Afghanistan. Spare me. Our military's not built to fight an insurgency, and that's exactly what a rebellion would become.

And who's to say we wouldn't be joining up with all those gun-toting libertarians? Bitter times make for unusual alliances. What you construe as enemies I see as potential friends. They want some of the same things we do.

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Submitted by jumpjet on

And I don't believe it must. The possibility of America's descent into true fascism is more of a danger than ever these days, but I don't think it is in any way inevitable. Nothing is inevitable except the Last Judgment. We have free will for this, among other things: that we might not be chained to the grooves of history.

Why must the United States fall? The answer is that it must not. It need not. So I am prepared to fight the corporatist tyranny of my government, but I before I pick up my gun I will knot my tie and button my suit coat and work through civil means to insure that that day of tyranny never comes, that a new, better age may dawn in my beloved country without bloodshed, without any more fear and death.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

solving your problem with violence is like solving your problem with alcohol, all you have is your problem plus violence.

violence is what the VRWC wants, because it makes it that much easier to rub you out and your entire neighborhood.

The successful rebellions, the one that finally took took down Galtieri, the one that took down Pinochet, the one that took down Marcos, the liberation of Eastern Europe, were all non violent.

It takes a great deal of courage and discipline to sustain a campaign of non violence.

Most revolutionaries die. Most die unheralded, even by the fellow revolutionaries. Think of all those who died on Tianeman square. Many of the survivors went on the successful careers in the Chinese kleptocracy and have no sympathy for the Chinese labor movement.

If I had an out I would take it. But I don't I will fight the best way I know because I cannot do otherwise.

Which is why I wrote a post about what our foreign friends can do for us. Anyone have an account at European Tribune who could link to this post?

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Which is why I asked NTodd to start posting here, and keep posting.

I'm unclear why you just can't sign up for an account on your own? Is there a fee?