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Word of the day: Coprophilia

I really don't want to write about Matt Yglesias before, or indeed, after, lunch, so you'll have to check out Who Is IOZ for the usage example. Meanwhile:

Universal, tax-funded health coverage has been transmogrified through the usual Washingtonian alchemy into an insane mandate that uninsured individuals purchase, at great personal expense, extremely shitty insurance plans. There you have it. .... I am sure that Yglesias et al. will have some very clever arguments about how this is ultimately good policy because it forces the irrational lower orders to invest in plans that will at least hedge against future catastrophe, you know, the sort of rational future-planning that poor morons don't usually make because fortuity failed to commend a Harvard education upon their beer-drinking souls. So it is worth reiterating: poor wage-earners cannot afford health insurance. That's why they don't buy it! Although it seems to us comfortable salarymen far more rational to pay a couple hundred bucks a month for minimal coverage just in case we get Ted Kennedy's brain cancer, it isn't an option for some people.

To which the "progressive" response is: Subsidies! Subsidies!

To which the responses are:

1. 2014, fer crissakes.

2. Yeah, subsidies to the insurance companies. If they were out of the loop, I'd be getting, dollar for dollar, 30% more care, because that's how much they take out of the transaction. To which the "progressive" response is [shrug].

So, our GENIUS Dems have managed to start out with universal health care and turn it into a welfare program. And our GENIUS "progressives" keep making the argument that, yeah, it's an incremental change, but, just like Social Security yadda yadda yadda. Morons. The right precedent is not SS but AFDC -- "Cadillac plans" are the new "welfare Cadillacs" -- under constant assault by the dominant factions of Versailles, for whom "Fuck the poor" is not only a moral duty, and a pleasurable hobby, but a business model. Yay!

Kill the bill.

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Submitted by madamab on

Do they really want Republicans "fixing" the bill? Cause the way it's looking, our old Party is gonna lose a LOT of seats in 2010.

Expand Medicare, start it NOW. By the time the Repubs take over (IF they take over), the ball will have too much momentum to be stopped.

This crapulent bill is the death knell for the Democratic Party. Kill it now!

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Submitted by jumpjet on

The Democratic Party deserves to die. It has betrayed the people who trusted it. What little good is left in it can be repurposed in a new institution.

Submitted by gmanedit on

between bloggers interested in policy and those interested primarily in politics. They're trying to shame us for caring about policy ("purists"). They see themselves as Democratic Party operatives and careerists. We're hurting the Party.

Submitted by lambert on

The only way to get their attention is pain. No wonder they don't like that.

But if they don't want that, then they should stop the suck.