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With three years to go, Obama ready to cash out as he starts fundraising for his Presidential library


This spring, a longtime staff member for President Obama, Alyssa Mastromonaco, let a friend in on a secret. Mr. Obama had assigned her to begin planning his post-presidential library and foundation. ...

But a few weeks later, White House staff members noticed that an even greater force in the Obama orbit was moving toward the action. Valerie Jarrett, the first couple’s matchmaker, early political patron and undisputed Obama whisperer, sensed a hot property. ....

Early next year, Obama advisers are expected to announce a search for a home for Mr. Obama’s foundation and library, a project that some of the president’s closest financial supporters estimate could cost more than $500 million. ...

The legacy project has proved magnetic to Obama lifers both inside and outside the White House. Marty Nesbitt, a Chicago investor who is so close to Mr. Obama that he amounts to the effort’s presidential seal of approval, is leading the outside campaign. He is working with the president’s go-to fund-raiser and 2012 deputy campaign manager, Julianna Smoot, to offer the first caresses to potential donors. Anita Dunn, Mr. Obama’s former communications director, is preparing the media strategy.

Maybe President Selfie could just resign. That way, he could start doing what truly interests him.


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If it hadn't been for the recent appearance of President Selfie I would have railed and gagged in disbelief. His inauguration wasn't even 12 months ago and he's already hitting people up for cash for his Monument to Selfie?

Obama is a boor. An unseemly boor.

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he's busy collecting HALF A BILLION DOLLARS for a Goddam Library?

I'd say that when this plan turns into a brick and mortar location the millions betrayed by Obama will have an excellent physical fulcrum to present grievances, demands, and so on.