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With "Activists" Like This, Who Needs Enemies?

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On 6/8/2015, I got an email from Subject: "Flush the TPP Update - Show your outrage"

Most of the top 2/3 of the email has to do with Congress - all well and good, as far as it went.*

But then there was this non-gem:

Spread the word about the TPP and Fast Track. Many people still don't know about it. Forward this email to someone you know! Share about it on social media. Follow #StopFastTrack and #RiggedTradeRebellion.

(emphasis mine)

"Many"? Seriously? Not "The overwhelming majority of Americans"?????

My Question: Is this cluelessness naivite, or is it feigned?

In terms of the impending vote, it doesn't much matter. However, if we're going to have any chance of recovering from TPA (assuming it passes), and aborting TPP, TISA, and TTIP, then the question matters more. But what matters even more than that question is the bigger picture of having a serious plan for public education about TPP, with specific, quantifiable goals and sub-goals.

So far, I can't discern one.

(In fairness, I remind everyone of the large, transpartisan coalition that was assembled. However, such a large coaltion begs the question, even more, of how they could possibly fail to inform the public, so totally.)

* Well, there was something questionable even there. And that is the line:

"It will take a popular uprising to make sure that fast track doesn't pass."

Well, let's see, now. The vote may take place in as little as 2 days (3 days from yesterday). There's video evidence showing widespread ignorance of TPP. My own (unscientific) survey puts TPP awareness around 13%; awareness of damning TPP details around half that.

So, apparently the author(s) of this letter want us to manufacture a "popular uprising" within 3 days, which would give us about, say, 1-1/2 days to educate the public (with essentially no help from mainstream media), and another 1 -1/2 to organize the "popular uprising".

Considering Wikileaks layed a golden egg in our laps, over 1-1/2 years ago, I find the call to bring about a "popular uprising" in 3 days to be less than timely. /s

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