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Wisconsin Transparency Force (WTF) Needs Your Help With Two Holiday Problems

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The Wisconsin Transparency Force would like to call your attention to two problems.

1. In a spirit of generosity and good will, Wisconsin Transparency Force requests your assistance in purchasing a pair of fireproof pants for the Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker.
Due to his penchant for fabricating events that never occurred and his numerous "Pants on Fire" ratings from Politifact, we the people of W.T.F. feel certain that Scott Walker's trousers are in constant danger of immolation.

Will you help us make this a safer holiday for Governor Walker and donate to W.T.F. so we can present these magic trousers to the Guv in a congenial and ceremonial manner and, following, share that presentation with the public through both photos and video?

2. There are an untold number of Wisconsin children who will not receive gifts this year because of a fundraising letter sent by Scott Walker’s campaign. In that notorious letter, readers were asked to NOT give toys to their children and were asked to INSTEAD give money to Scott Walker’s campaign fund!

In light of these unfortunate circumstances, we ask that you help provide children with toys by donating to Santas Without Chimneys.

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