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Wisconsin recall open thread

~9:00PM Sorry I'm late to this; I was getting my eyes checked, and I'm not going blind, hurrah! So, Jeebus, I check in at the Guardian live blog, and the first thing I find is this:
Ballot shortages in Milwaukee. "Alarming," says the Guardian's live blog; Brad Blog as usual has great detail on voting issues.


9:16PM Not just ballots, same day registration forms:

"The issue is there are a lot of people waiting in line to register to vote but there are no forms," said Veum. "We know that hundreds of people have not voted because there were no forms available."

Reid Magney, a spokesman for the Government Accountability Board, said his office had heard of polling stations in Milwaukee running out of registration forms for new voters.

According to state law, if a person is waiting in line to register and vote and it's after 8 p.m., that person can still legally fill out the form and vote, Magney said.

And see Pierce at the polling place.

9:29PM First WI Exit poll: Dead even.

I think recount, immediately. I hope Barrett (and the Ds) don't wuss out, as Kerry did in OH 2004.

9:51PM Latest exit poll adjustment: Walker 52 / Barrett 48.

Not within recount distance. Guardian calls it for Walker -- though that's a tweet.

9:57PM Guardian: NBC News has now called the recall election for Scott Walker – so he's survived.

Nice work, Dems. Weakening the unions and diverting the Capitol Occupation energy into the D roach motel, and holding WI for Obama in the general: It's a three-fer!

10:06PM Guardian: "It sounds like Tom Barrett actually did worse than in 2010. The big difference seems to have been in absentee ballots."

So Obama was smart to let the guy drown, because otherwise he might have been dragged under himself. Politics ain't beanbag.

10:36PM WI Senate races, Wapo:

Results from four state Senate recalls are still outstanding. Democrats, who defeated two Republican state senators in recalls last summer, need one victory to win control of the state legislature's upper chamber.

11:56PM Not a loss. A blowout: Guardian:

1.09pm: With nearly 80% of the Wisconsin recall vote in, Scott Walker has an 11 point lead over Tom Barrett. So it wasn't just the exit polling that was wrong, it was every single poll that showed this to be a close race


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looks like ~40% of precincts reporting so far.

and no, last i looked, most waukesha county precincts hadn't reported yet.

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Talking about a victory for the Koch Brothers and millionaires.

Well no shit, assholes, why do you think the DNC stayed out? Why do you think Obama gave no fucks about the recall?

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tells me that people are still in line in Milwaukee, which means that they have not even begun to count votes in our most Democratic precincts.

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They changed Nader's name to "Hari Trivedi"

Thought the guy is a Libertard, meaning he would take votes from the GOP. Yet the astute "author" claims those votes would be taken away from the Dem.

"If it weren't for Ralph Nader Hari Trivedi, Barrett would have won lost by even more!"

^ Doesn't have quite the same ring to it, does it?

Keep drinkin the Kool-Aid there, fellas

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Not surprised by the results.

And if the mountain should crumble
Or disappear into the sea
Not a tear
No not I...

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Here's my comment at the Orange Satan, regarding how Democrats can ever overcome the Koch Bros money advantage:

"The Democratic party platform is right on the issues. That should be a big advantage.

But when I looked at Tom Barrett's website yesterday, it didn't even say what party he's supposedly a member of, at least not anywhere I could find it. Some bigshot consultant must have told him the cool kids all do it that way.

Barrett also listed his favorite sports teams ahead of his policy positions - although you can't really give him credit for much in the way of policy positions at all unless you consider "against crime" to be a policy position.

I'm sorry for all the Wisconsinites who worked their hearts out and are hurting right now, but this is going to be the result over and over again if the Democrats nominate candidates who aren't willing to stand up for principles.

If Democrats would quit running dead skunk candidates and run somebody who actually believes in the platform, they would have better than even odds against the Koch brothers. Unfortunately that is not going to happen under the current national leadership."

I can't believe I'm not banned there yet.

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"Maybe he [Obama] should have gone to Madison."

Surely you don’t mean to imply that President Obama didn’t keep his campaign promise to “walk the picket line” with workers!!!!!


Hey Wisconsin Democrats....welcome to the Occupation!

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Submitted by coyotecreek on

I suspect that Robama has never promised to walk the picket lines with labor.

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I suspect that Robama has never promised to walk the picket lines with labor.

Only to personally hand out pink slips.

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From my comment at The Confluence, you mean...

I think Myiq over Crawdad Hole has a point - there are probably a fair number of voters who, while opposed to Walker's policies, don't think a recall election is an appropriate remedy. They might well feel that recall is appropriate in cases of outright malfeasance, but that the right time to deal with policy issues is at a regular election.

The Dems and the unions may well have blown this by pushing for a recall.

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I don't know if anybody -- ahem -- reads my Countdown stuff, but I had a link to that effect maybe yesterday. I just added a Chuck Todd quote to that effect to the main post.

Submitted by jawbone on

may be a different electorate. From Wiki:

According to the circulated petition: [Governor Davis' actions were a] "gross mismanagement of California Finances by overspending taxpayers' money, threatening public safety by cutting funds to local governments, failing to account for the exorbitant cost of the energy, and failing in general to deal with the state's major problems until they get to the crisis stage."

And, actually, Walker probably is guilty of official misconduct. IIRC, he pushed through legislation which let him, his only lonely self, sell off state heating/cooling/energy facilities to anyone he chose, and he chose a Koch Bros bidness.

(Correction, 1:49pm-- Walker was unable to get the clause through which allowed him by his own sayso to sell state energy facilities to Koch Bros. It was more important to him to get the union rights removed. IIRC, the intense publicity on the new budget, brought about by the Dem senators fleeing to IL, followed by protests, gave enough time for people to figure out that there was some really down and dirty stuff in Walker's bill.

So...why'd they reelect the guy? Did getting Occupy out of the news remove enough of voters' attention from the real issues? The 99% vs. the One Percent? And those issues did not get emphasized enough by Barrett? Did all the outside money help Walker enough to flood the airwaves and distract voters? Hhhhmmm. TBD.)

But, I guess if it's a law pushed through by him to benefit his benefactors and puppet masters, that's OK.

I am one disappointed and sick unto death former Wisconsinite.

In a discussion on WNYC this morning it was pointed out that Barrett barely mentioned union rights and Walker's assault on them until the very end. Someone, apparently, told Barrett he shouldn't talk about it, that it was a losing argument. And the national Dems told him to not make a big issue of the, well, big issue which had people out protesting, in the cold, for months. Uh huh.

Someone took Barrett down the Obama path of not making waves which might tick off Big Corporations. Oh, and according to the earlier discussion, Barrett listed few objectives and programs he would work on if elected. I wonder if it was some kind of Obama campaign manager who told Barrett to leave the name of his party off his web site (again, this is per the discussion on WNYC -- said by Matt Kittle of Wisconsin Reporter).

A drama has turned into tragedy. If Walker is indicted maybe it goes to farce.

Submitted by lambert on

Barret used Walker's anti-union law in Milwaukee. Which is why the UW Teaching Assistant's Association didn't support him.

Not sure how tenable the ol' Sam Gombers routine is going to play out in the 21st Century but sheesh, it would sure be nice to get along without the constant betrayals.

Submitted by lambert on

... could certainly have been framed as "official misconduct" -- it was the process violations and shady insider dealing that made people crazy, IIRC.

I only hope the indictment wasn't manipulation by the DOJ/FBI that now fizzles, it's purpose gone.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

recalls are only appropriate for serious misconduct may have saved Walker. This is a big disappointment and I really don't have any other insight into it.

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It was a stupid strategy that was always doomed to failure. May the corpse of the Unions and Democratic Party be turned into fertilizer.

of course, it won't... it's still easier for them to complain and act outraged.

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Submitted by RanDomino on

I phrased that badly. I mean it's easier for the regular schmoe liberals to support the Democrats and complain.

Submitted by jawbone on

vote, so there's that as a consolation. See this story at DKos -- it was really hard to find the senate recall election results!

State Senate - District 21 - Special General
60 of 60 Precincts Reporting - 100%
Name Party Votes Vote %
Lehman, John Dem 36,255 51%
Wanggaard, Van (i) GOP 35,476 49%

Walker will be governor (unless he's indicted and leaves office or resigns), but he will not have the same heavy free hand he had before the protests and initial recall elections; he won't have a rubber stamp senate any longer.

Now, he will have to weedle, bribe, or threaten at least one Dem senator to his side for a tie or get two of them. Not saying he can't do that -- or that Koch won't come up with the money to do it--, but it will be much, much, much more difficult. And Fitzgerald will no longer be in charge of the senate schedule.

So Walker will have to appear at least more "bipartisan," or just go whole hog into "official misconduct."

ALL the Dems will have to stand strong as well.

Update, 1:47pm: A note of caution -- the 779 vote win will most certainly result in a recount and then a hand recount. However, it's all done on voting machines now, so there's that.

Submitted by jawbone on

So this may be a formalistic victory, if it holds. From the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel (and the article was not easy to find):

If Lehman's win holds, Democrats assume a 17-16 majority, at least until next November's elections. It's unknown whether the Senate will convene in a special session before then.

Hhhmmm, I bet Walker won't call a special session. Ya think?

Submitted by jawbone on

21st District.

When the R's still had leadership control of the state senate they got their redistricting plan through, and the 21st District essentiall disappears. Instead of a blend of rural, surburban, and Racine city, it now is just Racine and Kenosha cities as the 22nd, with the 21st made up of all the non-urban areas from the previous two districts. So much for bringing Wisconsinites together -- they just split the rural, suburban away and set them against the urban.

Scroll down to the the third set of maps, but also note how the R's worked to protect two other Republican senators.

Ah, the power of redistricting, which carries on for a good 10 years. Unless Dems win big and want to break tradition....

Submitted by lambert on

A more feral Wisconsin. How nice.

I wonder if a "voter strike" would work. And I also wonder what's happening with the Walker court case (or gawd forbid if that's what Obama was doing to help...)