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Winter is coming

I had forgotten the smell of freshly cut wood. And it feels good to have taken care of myself. "Now I won't freeze!" is the general feeling....

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Submitted by Martin Finnucane on

Where I'm from, we don't have winter. Just sort of fog, so we're lazy. Autumn is lovely, though.

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ah. i took the part about taking care of oneself to mean that you had done the sawing and/or splitting.

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Valar Morghulis.

(No one else seemed to be getting the reference)

Submitted by lambert on

You bet, Goldberry. And the Stark words really resonate with somebody who lives in Maine.

I devoured all of Game of Thrones -- bought volume 4 in hard cover, for pity's sake -- and now I'm rereading the nastier bits at my leisiure.

There's a "Why this book now?" post to be written, for sure...

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I've been at this for 5 months with help from my neighbor. We split wood for about 1hr per day and looks like only a few weeks to go. I bought a new insert to replace the 30yr old free standing stove the only problem the new one takes really small pieces of wood so I ended up buying the splitter. Than fan in the first picture s to keep the exhaust away, the uncover pile is what we are working on now. The tarp in the back covers about 3 cords, the second tarp in picture 3 covers another 3 cords. The uncovered wood in the last picture is Cherry wood for the BBQ.

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glowing picture later but here's the stove.

I should have purchased this one. The house I rent is over 70yrs old no installation at all.

This is the one I bought it works but on a few cold days/nights it kept the house around 67 degrees and I hate to be cold.

The poor guys that delivered it really struggled but after we talked about it and my neighbor showed up they put in the house for me. The house has 5 steps and no matter how many times I tell the dispatch people that they never come prepared. I gave them both a $20.00.

The problem with this type of stove is if you don't have power you have very little heat. I need to add a deep cycle battery and invertor to this to solve that problem.

I had a 800lbs gun safe delivered, it holds paper work and other valuables when I’m out of town and the story is even more insane than this one.

Time to split more wood and yes I have no health care at this time also, scary.