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Win By Losing

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How Obama can win by losing, by Robert K. Lifton:

President Obama can win the election in 2012 by losing the fight to Republicans for his jobs bill and related tax measures. If the Republicans were to defeat the American Jobs Act presented by the President as a plan to save existing jobs and create new ones, then the upcoming presidential election will likely see the President identify the Republican candidate, whoever it may be, with the Republican party and run against the Republican House and Senate members led by House Speaker, John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell. Looking at the recent polling data from the N.Y. Times/CBSNews poll, this can be a very effective political campaign, even though at first blush the President’s support looks like it is weakening.

I could see this if Obama forcefully pushed to pass the bill with the reduction in tax breaks for the rich intact (and without the Medicare "cost sharing" stuff), not giving an inch: but I can't imagine he's be that firm. I also think it would be a better strategy if the plan weren't already full of pre-approved-by-Republican ideas, but rather with real plans likely to have a big effect. (Lifton apparently disagrees with me.)

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