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William Rivers Pitt disgraces himself with unhinged rant

(Actually, that headline isn't completely fair. At this point, I don't think it's possible for an Obama SuperFan like Pitt to disgrace himself.) That said, Pitt emitted a long "STFU because the police were only doing their job and SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP"-style cri de something-or-other,* and I don't have time to give it the shredding it deserves and so clearly calls for. One paragraph, however, leaps out:

My neighbors and I gathered to talk about recent events while looking up at the helicopters that dotted the sky. The smokers went looking for cigarettes, the drinkers went looking for beer, the coffee-drinkers were cheered to hear that every Dunkin' Donuts would be open [note lack of agency] and set off for the one on the corner...and we all very voluntarily did what had been asked of us: stay off the streets, don't travel, and don't open your door for anyone who you don't know and who doesn't have a badge.

Interestingly, Dunkin Donuts was open because the police asked for it to be open. From Pitt's home-town paper, the Glob (via):

At cops’ request, Dunkin’ Donuts stays open
On block after block of the Boston’s Financial District and Downtown Crossing, Starbucks shops went dark as the city locked down, spurred by a manhunt for the second marathon bombing suspect. Dunkin’ Donuts stayed open.

Law enforcement asked the chain to keep some restaurants open in locked-down communities to provide hot coffee and food to police and other emergency workers, including in Watertown, the focus of the search for the bombing suspect. Dunkin’ is providing its products to them for free.

Now, I wouldn't go so far as to say that we live in a police state, just because when the state issues a "shelter in place" order** and the police want one donut chain open, that donut chain stays open. Nor am I claiming that Pitt is the "hapless dupe" that he accuses others of being.

However, I do think that the Pitt's language is revealing. He writes "every Dunkin' Donuts would be open" without, apparently, even bothering to question why that would be so, even though his own home-town newspaper -- Pitt does a good deal of chest thumping about his actual wicked pissah presence on the ground in the shitty of Boston or environs -- explains that the police kept it open. Surely the actions of the police are relevant when discussing the presence or absence of a police state?

In short, I'd trust someone with Mr. William Rivers Pitt's critical thinking skills to detect on oncoming police state about as far as I can toss a piano. A concert grand. It's a good thing Pitt is a professional. Otherwise, it could have been bad.

NOTE * "Random notes from the police state." Indeed (Cf, all senses but #1).

NOTE ** Which the Globe, for some inscrutable reason, calls a "lock down."