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Will Robert Tate skate?

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A follow-up on the case of Robert Tate, musical director of a Connecticut church frequented by members of the Bush family.

Tate was convicted of possession of child porn.

And now U.S. District Judge Alan H. Nevas (a Reagan appointee) has given Tate's former attorney a light sentence for acting like a good little Bushie, and destroying Tate's laptop before the authorities could examine its contents. Just six months of home confinement, a $25,000 fine and community service. "The judge cited his years of good service in sparing him prison."

Looks like Tate may be getting off, so to speak, relatively easy, as well:

... Nevas said Monday that Tate took child prostitutes from New York to the church. Prosecutor Peter Jongbloed said Tate sexually abused children in New York, the Philippines and Thailand.

Jongbloed would not comment on why Tate faced only pornography charges but said the issue would be addressed when he is sentenced next month. Tate's attorney, Francis O'Reilly, declined to comment.

One might think a laptop possibly brimming with photographs of children sold as sex toys might be important both as evidence and as a means of rescuing the abused youngsters. Apparently, Nevas knows better.

Well, the prosecutors did say that Russell didn't know at the time of child-porn allegations against his client.

Come to think of it, I have some old tech equipment I need to get rid of. I guess I'll ask my lawyer to help out — I had no idea they offered such services and that they asked so few questions.

Finally, wouldn't it be nice to read about the decisions of a prosecutor, like Assistant U.S. Attorney Jongbloed, and not have to wonder if he was subject to the pressures of a politicized justice system?

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