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Will Obama heave Jamie Dimon over the side?

Obama can implement “The Droshky Plan” just as well as Nixon ever did. Here, in a delicious historical irony, William F. Buckley explains the term:

The next trick in Mr. Nixon’s bag is “The Droshky Plan” named after the sled used by Siberian peasants to cross the frozen tundra. When a droshky crammed with people comes under attack by wolves, the passengers lighten the load by throwing one of their number under the load.

Obama’s history is one of betrayal. Would he betray Dimon — despite his admiration for the man — to save his administration and, more to the point, his chance for a post-Presidential talk show or a job as a greeter for Goldman? In a heartbeat.

So let’s not be satisfied with Dimon except tactically (and from the aspect of Schadenfreude). Our Jamie is, after all, just one bubble in the giant sack of pus.

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Submitted by albrt on

I thought Jamie Dimon was driving this droshky.

At the very least, I think it will be contested who gets to throw whom under the load.

How do the Russian peasants choose?

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Submitted by letsgetitdone on

But, I think Obama gets to throw Jamie under the bus. After all, someone's eager and waiting to take Jamie's place, and what can Jamie do after he's thrown under the bus, run for President?

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Submitted by albrt on

And what's Obama going to do if the bankers turn against him? Push a populist economic program through Congress between now and November?

If Obama is willing to take executive action against Dimon, then Obama clearly has the power to do so. I don't think Obama has the nerve, and as far as I can tell the bankers agree with me.

Although maybe the bankers have some doubts, and this week's market action is a signal. Nice army base you've got here, Colonel. Shame if anything were to happen to it.

Submitted by chadwick newsome on

I think Dimon is too far up in the hierarchy to be a target for Obama. O will tell us all to bend over and grab our ankles whenever Jamie gets the urge. Don't matter what Jamie does.

Seems to me O's record of disloyalty is to people who are relatively weak.