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Will my Rep stop healthcare deform?

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Here's hoping.

He's under siege by MoveOn and other "progressives," and no doubt he's getting a dose of Chicago-style "influence."

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let's invite him for a live blog. Or his campaign manager.

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I just got through, staffer seems rushed, for some reason.

And I'm betting that something heartfelt and short will have a lot more impact than the canned stuff.

Brockton (phone) 508-586-5555 (fax) 508-580-4692

Boston (phone) 617-428-2000 (fax) 617-428-2011

DC (phone) 202-225-8273 (fax) 202-225-3984

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Told them I can't vote for him. Made sure they knew that my opposition is because it doesn't have single payer or a real public option. And I'm now going on line to donate money to him.

Does Rep. Lynch have any POTUS potential?

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I'm glad you pointed out the difference between voting against something for liberal reasons or something else. Sure, its OK to take a no vote from someone but if they are voting no for the wrong reasons, they should not be praised. That only gives an air of credibility to BS reasonings. The enemy of my enemy can be used, but they are not necessarily our friends and we should not help them if they are really our enemies. For some reason the left does not seem to understand that concept very well.

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in my brief call to his office, I mentioned that I'm quite liberal, but I think the bill is a train wreck. I hope they pass that kind of metadata along to him.

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...that I am a flaming liberal and the problem with this piece of shit legislation is that it's conservative.

It dawned on me that they might think I agreed with Blue Dog policies. whichcouldn't be further from the truth.

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Maybe I can register there anyway? Hey, we can import busloads of out-of-staters and let them vote with me - yea....that's the ticket!

Well, if that's not possible, I'll send him some $upport anyway.

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emboldend with Kucinich's betrayal, have released some of those reps in tossup districts to vote No for cover? I believe it was a comment on another thread but I have not seen or heard news reports to that effect.'s picture
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Markey, that is. I called her office to ask her to vote no on Wednesday. The staffer said there were a lot of calls coming in, mostly wanting her to vote against it, but that she hadn't made up her mind yet. On Thursday, she was on the front page of HuffPo, as a yes vote.

My spouse is hoping that if it passes, and things get bad enough, enough people will finally get mad enough that real reform will take place. I think that's wishful thinking. I think that people will just get used to the new level of badness in their lives, just like they are getting used to the new "permanent" unemployment levels, and the "permanent" and "unalterable" shenanigans of the financial world.

btw, is anyone else having trouble seeing alege's corner? Did I miss something? Has her blog ended?

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Alegre's Corner for almost two weeks. I emailed to ask if I had missed something, but haven't gotten a reply.

Anyone know pacificjohn? Maybe contact with him might get an answer?

I miss My Corner!!!

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I feel so much better.

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Chet Edwards, of Texas' 17th District. Of course, his opposition is based on some of the usual bogeymen- "big government"- but it is there. I've tried earlier to call him for support but the line is always busy.

And this district is so conservative that he'd be out of office if he voted No, so I think he's pretty firm.

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though I have no doubt the Brown shellacking in his district helped him see the light. I heard him on NPR. It must be liberating to know voting for this thing would be suicide in his district, because he made an honest liberal case against it. Apparently, get this, Vicki Kennedy called him to talk him into it but no dice. The reporter was like do you really want to be the one to stop Ted Kennedy's vision of health care? He's all this is not Ted Kennedy's vision of health care reform. it was really good.

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Here's what I sent to my Blue Dog rep who seems to be playing the same game as Lynch-more or less.

Dear Congressman Murphy,

I am writing in support of your decision to vote no on the Health Care Reform bill currently being considered by Congress.

In my opinion, it is better described as an insurance company bailout than reform. It will do little to rein in skyrocketing health care costs, a high proportion of which are due to industry salaries, overhead, red tape and incessant Wall Street demands for higher profits.

Given your membership in the Blue Dog caucus, it is apparent that you do not share this criticism. Rather, you believe that it represents a "government takeover" of health care and is to be opposed on this basis.

Would that it were so! Indeed, an expansion of Medicare-Medicare for All-is precisely what your party should have been calling for from the outset.

Polls show that this would have been overwhelmingly supported by the public. The Democrats will pay the price for their craven capitulation to the health insurance and pharmaceutical lobbies against the wishes of most Americans, and upstate New Yorkers such as myself.

In any case, regardless of your reasons for opposing this bill, I support your doing so.

Best Regards,

John Halle

P.S. I should also mention that I am forwarding this message to the Working Families Party to let them know that while I reject their support of this bill, I would strongly encourage them to run a candidate against you in November of 2010 on numerous other grounds-most conspicuously your membership in the Blue Dog caucus.

Should you resign your membership in the Blue Dog caucus, I will reconsider.

Please let me know when you decide to do so.

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I imagine it's very rare that someone in his shoes is confronted with something at once so nuanced and so blunt.