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Will Mickey Kaus please pick up the white courtesy phone?

Your threesome is ready, now:

DIBBLE, Okla. A woman received two tickets after her goats were caught mating and relieving themselves on her own yard.

City law said it is illegal for any two animals to have sex in public within Dibble city limits.

It's also against law for them to relieve themselves in public even if the animal is fenced in on private land.

The owner was shocked when she heard the charges.

Nothing the matter with Oklahoma! And now, the money quote:

“I kind of thought if anyone was caught having sex in public, it could have been me."

Happy Holidays, Mickey!

Or maybe it's a foursome?

TROLL PROPHYLACTIC No, the woman was not actually, physically shocked, despite having broken the law nor, so far as I know, were the goats. This is not a tasering thread.

UPDATE Look, I didn't mention that Mickey hasn't denied that thing about golden blessings. From goats. Or worse. Because that would be wrong.

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which eliminates cross-species opportunities but does not apparently ban solo pursuits.

On that upbeat notion, Merry Solstice to all and to all a Good Night.

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Not a taser thread? I was already to go with a diatribe about Krispy Kreme Kruelty

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wherein I stash the comment from the excellent Shaw Kenawe what I stole off an atrios thread just now:

Shaw Kenawe, Festivus is here | Homepage | 12.24.07 - 4:54 pm | # [X]

Hi to all my Atriot friends! Merry Whatevah and enjoy.

Now I'm off to make the feast of the seven fishes:

smelts-in seasoned flour and lightly sauted until their skin is crispy. Served with lemon wedges

oysters-baked with marscapone cheese

clams--baked with pancetta and spinach

shrimp-lightly sauted, minced with garlic, cilantro, scallions and served on little toasts spread with cream cheese.

crab-minature crab cakes served with a light mayo/yogurt, lemon, garlic sauce.

scallops--pan seared and served on a bed of pesto

lobster--in a cream saffron sauce over lasagna noodles.

I think the only change I would make would be to the final course, because anybody who could still eat that after the previous seven is liable to go up like the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch on the count of "five" (which of course is Right Out.) Skip the noodles and the sauce though and yer all set. A little melted butter is called for though.

Anybody needs anything more, or are not fans of fish, there is a really impressive list of appetizerish foods at the NYT