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Will making Elizabeth Warren the one crumb Obama throws the left make Warren effective or the left happy?

Krugman thinks so, and the usual useful idiots do, but I disagree.

For one thing, if The Big O really appoints her, he'll make sure to cripple her by surrounding her with bankster weasels picked by Rahm.

For another, it's policy that the left is consistently correct on, and it's policy that The Big O continually shits the bed on. So how is one appointment going to change that?

Finally, everybody knows Obama hates the left. So how is making Warren the left's poster child in the administration going to do anything other than render her an ineffective figurehead?

Of course, getting back in line in exchange for one appointment would make "progressives" look awfully easy. But then, they are easy. Awfully.

NOTE Of course, career "progressives" will be ecstatic. They'll have their "Honey, I've changed" moment. No doubt that will persist all the way through November, when it will be replaced, again, by a querolous need for re-assurance....

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that NONE of the policy initiatives for which the "progressives" have agitated, have been taken by Obama. (Public Option Sparkle Pony, anyone?) So, I am suspicious of any initiative generated by them, which gives the appearance of succeeding.

This appointment would indeed be a really, really simple thing for Obama to make, and even simpler for him to undermine. Is he tone-deaf enough to refuse even that?

If so, I would say that he is counting on being a one-termer, since he is giving even his most desperately devoted followers nothing at all to cling to. (Bitterly.)

And, he's not invited to Chelsea Clinton's wedding.

Maybe Hillary IS running in 2012. See John W. Smart on this, a guy who is much more conservative than I am, but whose analysis on political matters is rarely wrong.

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I watched Fall of the Republic (which he put up yesterday) last night. As John says, watch critically, but "the analysis of Obama is spot on." He is the puppet-in-chief for globalist Big Money.

Hey, it's not a conspiracy theory when there are video clips.

Bill Black and Max Keiser are in it.

The most important point, considering the economic perspectives Corrente spends so much time on: A nation without manufacturing surrenders its sovereignty.

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That insistent press about the THREE MILLION DOLLAR WEDDING, the inconvenience that town faces (confidentiality agreements for vendors? Clutch the pearls!), the overall gaucheness that a girl whose dad and mom came from less now can have a dream wedding befitting a former POTUS and present Secretary of State.

Obama didn't get invited, you know, even though accomodating two presidents probably affect national security on the Easter Seaboard. Versailles, with a jet-assist by the OFB, are taking the opportunity to stick the knife in, one more time. Pishers.

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I recommended both. Krugman's got a super comments section, doesn't he?

In fact, if you wanted to monitor it regularly, getting the good ones voted up would be worth a post...