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Will Georgia Be The Next Show Me Your Papers State?

Americard by Ian Geldar
In Georgia legislation has already passed the House which out-does Arizona for pure spite, and cracker meanness. GA's Brown Codes, as some are calling them, would...

  • codify the racist slur "illegal alien" into state law
  • make it a felony (1-5 years in prison) to look for a job with any false ID. Second offense 3 to 15 years.
  • make it a felony (3-15 years) if that ID was of an actual person, living or dead
  • make it a misdemeanor (up to 1 year in prison) to give an undocumented person a ride, a felony for more than 7.
  • obligate law enforcement officers, school principals, health care professionals and others to ascertain the citizenship of everybody they come into contact with
  • grant any yahoo with a computer and legal forms standing and free discovery to sue any state or local government official or unit of local government that fails to enforce the Brown Codes with exemplary rigor.

Arizona has nothing on Georgia's crackers for meanness....

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Aeryl's picture
Submitted by Aeryl on

I am glad I don't live in GA.

Not that that's any consolation to those of you who do.

And very prominent in both of those bills, is the encouragement of citizens to report their neighbors.

Yet, these yahoos also scream about too much gu'mint. The cognitive dissonance would make my head explode.

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Submitted by letsgetitdone on

These people are vicious wackos!