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Will the Dems sell out net neutrality as part of a "grand bargain" with the telecoms?

Possibly. Go read Bowers.

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Power must be incredibly seductive, and the desire to gain and retain power nearly overwhelming.

How else to explain all the defenses by the very young Obama administration of the power grabs by BushCo?

The Justice Department is urging a judge to throw out illegal wiretapping suits, based on the need to protect the telecommunication companies while doing state business, as reported in the SF Chronicle. Not surprising, given Obama's vote, but, still.... Well, actually it did seem a bit surprising to the judge hearing the case:

The Obama administration has asked a federal judge in San Francisco to uphold a law aimed at dismissing suits against telecommunications companies that cooperated with President George W. Bush's wiretapping program.

In a filing late Wednesday, the Justice Department sought to dispel Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker's concern that the law might violate the Constitution by giving the attorney general too much power to change the legal rules that govern the companies' conduct.

The law requires that judges dismiss suits by people claiming that the companies violated their privacy rights, as long as the attorney general certifies that the firms were helping an anti-terrorism program that the president authorized.

"Under well-settled law, Congress may leave the decision of whether and when to make a certification to the attorney general's discretion," government lawyers wrote.

They said Congress did not surrender its lawmaking power when it passed the so-called immunity measure for telecommunications firms last year. Instead, they said, Congress was directing the attorney general to shield companies from suits that endangered national security. (My emphasis)

Now, Grand Bargains usually involve getting something in return. What is BO getting in return for what may be going on? Is Boucher responding to requests from BO or WH to make life easier for the Telcos?

Damned if I know, but, wow, attaining power does make power more palatable, it seems.

I saw this Thursday on Raw Story, but I can't pull up the post. I think this from Infowars is pretty similar.

Our new Justice Department has elicited some surprise from a couple judges now--prompting them to ask from the bench whether Justice's lawyers are sure they're in the right administration. Well, not exactly that last part....

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...To hear how reasonale this is or how much McCain sucks so I can forget all about this.

Sorry, I've lost hope...and patience because of all the weak justifications. Sigh.