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The new widget in the sidebar is via Seeing the Forest via Avedon. I put it up as a technology demo because it looks great, but unfortunately, the research is just sloppy, especially as compared to our work; it's based on a single AP story, for pity's sake!

However, Drupal6, our new platform, also has widget-making capabilities.

It occurs to me that we might combine (a) T-shirt sales with (b) single payer facts and (c) contributions to a microlending startup in a widget that rotated T-shirts.


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Submitted by ohio on

Or for Corrente content? Or both?

Sorry, I haven't had enough coffee this morning. But I do love the idea of combinating issues. A lot.

I also don't want to clutter up you design, so I'm hesitant to see more than I alreday do. BUt as I say, when I'm all hopped up on caffeine, I may feel differently.

Submitted by lambert on

... and justify the sale because a percentage of the gross will go to a microlending program for health related issues.

Too complicated?

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Submitted by amberglow on

any news? do you not want to?

(we can all help w/Amazon, by picking related books when we post, if applicable)

and -- do you need a widget to link to cafepress? why not just a box w/pic and text linking to it?

like a smaller and linkable version of these flyers here -- Brand Democrat wiki