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"Why Won't That Stupid Bitch Quit" Watch: NPR is Teh Suck Edition

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What's so messed up about that movie and its bigoted use to demonize women is that if one gender is hellbent on terrorizing and controlling the other, it's males who are universally the perpetrators against women (and girls). You would think with that horrific story coming out of Austria or FLDS that people would catch on to that fact.

I truly hope after this primary race we have a conversation, at least amongst Democrats, about the open celebration of anti-female intolerance and hatred which is allowed to masquerade as no-holds-barred "truth" (Hence, the asshat saying "Let's be honest here...").

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I listen to NPR their anti-hillary stance has been disheartening (complete with the bogus Obama statesman release url posted in another post by me, which seems to indicate that Obama had requested a debate, but I highly doubt its veracity)

It does cast doubt on the other stories that they present to me. I still listen to NPR but not as much as I used to, and only in the car now.

I can enjoy people having poltical agendas, but I think that they should be more honest in their representation especially if they are presenting themselves as a show that is not funded by business.

Ironic as Obama is seen as a Wall Street Democrat. Would be interesting to know how much funding Obama has put into NPR.

Even more ironic because Hillary has a health care plan that is workable, and is well-presented.
She also has an agenda that has been pro gay, pro women's rights, pro-minority rights.

“Democrats have a habit of falling in love with candidates on the first date.”

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I never saw fatal attraction, I only saw it vicariously via all the jokes and interviews and talks about it. I don't know the idea of a woman who had an affair with a man to get dumped by him then goes after him with a butcher knife does have a certain appeal. That she is portrayed as a villainness for doing so kinda tells me it must be slanted towards the poor male who cheats themas.

I don't think that Hillary will boil obamakins, I think she will let them live.

I don't think that the DNC can die by butcher knife, or that they will be able to drown Hillary's vision.

Hillary also does not strike me as the type to have sex with Michael Douglas, I'm still trying to figure out what his wife saw in him.

I think that for a woman to go ballistic like that had to have been a lot of head games that MD played in the movie. So maybe what NPR is saying is that the DNC likes to have one night stands, and dump them when they don't need em anymore.

Sounds like we need a new party ladies and loyal gentlemen.

“Democrats have a habit of falling in love with candidates on the first date.”

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I don't usually respond to the examples of media misogyny or CDS, mainly because I already have a full-time job, but also because I don't believe that any major media outlet cares whether I live or die much less what I think about the dreck they produce. But given that I am a regular and long-time donor to WNYC (my local public radio station) I do believe that the potential loss of my financial support might make someone care just a little. I emailed letters of complaint to both WNYC and NPR's ombudsman. I have yet to receive a response from WNYC, but I did get a response from Ken Rudin (via the ombudsman). Here 'tis.

Below is a response from Mr. Rudin regarding his recent comment;

I'm sorry you interpreted my comment as offensive. It's not what I was saying. Below is a copy of a note I sent to someone yesterday morning, before the Hillary campaign and Media Matters made a big deal about it:

Dear __________,

On second thought, the comparison is not one I wish I had made. I was, in retrospect, trying to be too cute by half. Frankly, I'm tired of the "when will Hillary drop out" conversations that have been going on since New Hampshire -- as in, well, if she loses NH, she's finished. If she loses Ohio, or Texas, she's gone. I wanted to make the point that she's not leaving the race anytime soon, nor should she. She wins in Pennsylvania by ten points and people still want to know when she's getting out? Nonsense. But I think, as you point out, that I damaged my case by making an unfortunate Glenn Close comparison.

In my heart of hearts, I didn't see, and I don't see, my comment as being sexist. If anything, I was trying to make the point that sorry, you're not going to get rid of her. This is only the seventh inning. This race hasn't been going on "too long." In fact, these states -- Indiana, NC, Oregon, etc. -- haven't been part of the conversation for decades. Let the people have their say and then we'll see who should drop out.

This will be part of my "Political Junkie" column this week.

Anyway, you now have a bird's eye view of my thought processes, imperfect as they were. I would love to continue this conversation if you have any desire.


Since Ken's invitation to continue the conversation was directed to someone else and as I don't have his direct address anyway, I don't have the opportunity to enlighten him as to how exactly this is sexism, or to remind him of the eventual outcome of the movie; Alex (Close's character) is felled by a bullet to the heart. But at least the complaints hit home and he will be addressing the issue in his column.