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My goodness, everybody who is anybody on the A-List* is teabagging Politico these days! The process is funny to watch, but I do mute the sound. It's all an overly transparent attempt to keep the popular vote down in the next big states that Hillary's going to win, because, these days, unity, change, and transformation all mean disenfranchising voters. How fast dreams die! Today, BooMan auditions at The Obama 527 Formerly Known As The Kos Community:

My theory on the campaign is that the Clintons cannot limp all the way to April 22nd when the logic/narrative puts them strictly in the role of party wreckers. The poison that will eventually erode Clinton's poll advantage is the cold hard truth that she cannot win a brokered convention. But, before that poison can work its way through the body electorate, the media must begin reporting the truth.

Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! [Reach me that bucket, wouldja, hon?] But you've always got to look at the detail. We learned that under Bush and, sadly, the lesson still holds:

This started yesterday when Ben Smith of The Politico reported [sic] that members of Clinton's staff privately acknowledge that she has no more than a 10% chance of winning the nomination.

Yeah, "privately" in this case means "single sourced" and anonymous. Gosh, seems like only yesterday when the famously self-correcting blogosphere had a media critique, and everything. Good times...

And, oh yeah, Mark Halperin and MoDo are solidly with Ben Smith and future Village skintern Boo on this. Sure, MoDo's got some insider gossip about the automatic delegates, but really, why would anybody trust a word that she says? But when the Boiz want to cut their anxiety level by forming a unity circle and enjoying a noisy haka together, any excuse will do.

Alert reader BDBlue got a little pledge drive going. Might as well introduce a little more feedback into the system, eh?

NOTE Incidentally, here's the Politico quote:

One important Clinton adviser estimated to Politico privately, an appraisal that was echoed by other operatives.

Sadly, and I'm sure mistakenly, Boo writes "members of Clinton's staff," when in fact Smith carefully says "one ... Clinton advisor" and other "operatives" who could be from any campaign, or anywhere. Heck, Lord Kos himself might as well be an operative at this point, so it could be him. That would be really meta and circular and self-referential, a Kos to Smith to Boo on Kos bank shot, in that cute way the Village has of being the Village. I'm sure it's not true, but it's fun to think about, and with all the brand destruction that's going on these days, who knows?

NOTE * Of course, I exempt Lord Eschaton from the A-List because he's kept his sanity and doesn't, well, remind me of what "A" really stands for. And hey, just joking with the skintern and audition thing. Just a little sour grapes after TX and OH. Oh, wait....

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Submitted by BDBlue on

Since from what I've seen, none of what the Politico attributed to Clinton's advisor is in quotes, who knows what they were talking about. Did winning mean getting the nomination or simply being ahead in pledged delegates? In any event, one person out of probably hundreds of advisors thinks her chances are 10%, well, then, she'd better quit right now.

As riverdaughter has pointed out, they're trying to suppress Hillary's vote to win. It would be nice if the guy so many claims is going to expand the party didn't need this kind of help, but there you go. Not only can't he lead them to the promised land, he can't even win Pennsylvania without trying to get Hillary to give up.

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Submitted by Davidson on

I worry they'll be successful in this--unless the Clinton camp has been smart enough to counter this in PA. If voters are made aware how vital they are to the popular vote count, which in turn will help decide the nominee, they'll come out and vote.

Does anyone know how successful--if at all--the Clinton camp has been in combating this misinformation in PA?