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Why? Why?

Why does Lord Eschaton hate Obama? Doesn't he love ponies? What's wrong with him?

Seriously, when Atrios is just as pissed off and cranky as I am, it's time for me to elevate my game.

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Seems to be an increasing number of those these days.

I think its becoming clear who Obama's 25-30% will be. Can they drown out all the old cranks though? I don't think so. They almost require no comments since they seem to be parodies already.

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Submitted by Mandos on going to find themselves in increasing numbers of impossible binds as time goes one---if not this one, then another---because of the deeply entrenched nature of ideology in the American state. Bush was a serious aberration in that the neocon thesis was false right out of the gate, but the neocon thesis was built on a longstanding ideological foundation that is increasingly being undermined by reality itself. Maybe the Trots are right after all.

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is "What's the goal here".

"Others have made this point in various ways [ahem], but if the goal is to bail out the banksters and keep the existing too big to fail financial order in place with the same cast of characters in charge, then all of this sounds like a cunning plan.

If the goal was really to get banks lending again they'd be funneling large sums of money to healthy (mostly smaller) financial institutions who actually made sensible choices over the last few years."

"Others", indeed.

Or if the goal was to keep foreclosed mortgages from becoming toxic in the first place, we would have bought up the mortgages? A person might even give a program like that a name or an acronym. Something like HOLC f'rinstance?